10 Reasons Why Workers Switch to Freelancing

10 Reasons Why Workers Switch to Freelancing

It’s not uncommon to get those puzzled looks whenever I tell people that I work from home (yeah, they ask, so I tell, then they give me those looks of wonder and doubt). I rarely drop the F-word (freelancer) because I’m quite sure I’ll get more than just the puzzled looks but also questions like are you really working? How does that work? How do you get paid? And a lot more.

Though around and popular for a time now, freelancing still always seems like a new thing to some people. Many don’t understand quite understand how one (or how I) would choose to work from home over being in an office.

Freelancing comes with challenges, some of which are discussed in the video below, but I have really irresistible reasons why I choose to telecommute.


And now’s the chance to share the reasons behind my decision!

Flexjobs recently did a survey to know the top reasons why people choose to freelance. Apparently, my reasons are also the reasons of many other freelancers.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top reasons why workers choose to freelance.



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Work-Life Balance

On top of the list is having a healthier work-life balance. Seventy percent of the freelancers surveyed said that the desire to have a better rhythm between life and career made them decide to freelance.



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Ability to Work When They Want

Work schedule flexibility is also a big deciding factor for 62% of the freelancers surveyed. True enough, when you freelance, it’s easier to arrange your schedule as to when you will work and when you will play.



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Over 50% of the respondents say that they appreciate how freelancing has given them the freedom to choose what they will do with their time. Freelancers also have the freedom to make choices that will better suit their work and lifestyle, such as which projects to take or not, for instance.



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Ability to Work Where They Want

When you freelance, you are not geographically tied, since you don’t have to go to a physical office. You can choose to move and live somewhere else or travel the world while still keeping your job.



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Become Their Own Boss

Being your own boss means having the ability to manage your own workload. You can even choose what kind of work to do. And when you have too many projects to tackle, you can also opt to outsource some of your tasks.



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Ability to Choose Your Projects

When you freelance, you can always take only the projects that you are passionate about. You can also take multiple projects from different clients, so you’re not confined to just one source of income.



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More Time With Family

As a freelancer parent, I personally value this a lot. In Flexjobs’ survey, 45% of the respondents said that family concerns were their primary reason for freelancing. Especially for moms like me, it’s great to be around your kids and be with them as much as possible as they’re growing up.



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Goodbye, Commute Stress

Having a traditional job almost always means you’ll need to commute to and from work at least five times a week. Freelancing eliminates commuting costs, both in the form of time and money.



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Better Productivity

Many studies and research have already backed the idea that working from home increases people’s productivity, and freelancers have that luxury. Flexjobs’ survey found that 36% of the respondents loved how they have become more productive because of freelancing.



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Time Efficiency

Around 35% of Flexjobs’ respondents said that they prefer freelancing because they get to save time and enjoy more efficient days overall. To them, time efficiency means having more time with family, friends, and personal hobbies and interests.



How about you, are these also your reasons for freelancing or wanting to freelance? Get the conversation rolling by commenting below!


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