3 Reasons Why WeRemote is The Best Coworking Space in Metro Manila

3 Reasons Why WeRemote is The Best Coworking Space in Metro Manila

Remote working is a blessing for all of us. With technology, you can now earn as much your office-working peers (or even higher) while having the time to do the things that matter the most. 

But remote work has its drawbacks, especially in the social aspect. We don’t see people in person. No physical workmates to talk to. And you can feel really isolated. In fact, it’s one of the biggest challenges of remote working.

That’s why a coworking space might be ideal for you. But not all coworking spaces are made equal. Some just stand out among the rest. And WeRemote might be that coworking space you are looking for all along.


What is WeRemote

What is WeRemote?

WeRemote is your all-in-one office solutions that provide coworking, BPO Seat Leasing, serviced offers, and an events place. Right in the heart of Ortigas, a well-known business district, it aims to be your productivity haven for your business, start-up, or freelancing career.

It’s more than just an office space though. It aims to help you every step of the way in your freelancing career. And these are 3 reasons why WeRemote is the best coworking space in Metro Manila today.


World-Class Amenities 

You know our homes are an immaculate place. (In my case, minus the piles of disorganized stuff.)

But a change of environment might spark up new ideas and inspiration. What’s good is that WeRemote is the perfect place for that. WeRemote boasts world-class amenities such as ultra-fast internet, unlimited coffee, exclusive lounges, interview rooms, showers, and inspiring interiors.

It even has a game room for that much-needed playtime break. Or a snug room if you need a quick nap and recharge. It’s like your house except in its pristine state. Go on and reap the benefits in WeRemote.


Working Remote Build Business Connections

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Build Business Connections

I’ve talked about isolation with remote work. With coworking spaces, isolation is no more.

You are in a room filled with people in different industries striving to make a difference. More than just the social aspect, you can gain friends and business connections.

The collaboration brought about by these new connections might bear fruit to new wonders you would never expect it to be. That’s how most great ideas are born, right?


Working Remote Outsource Business Functions

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Outsource Business Functions

Are you dreaming of the day where you can just focus on things that bring in the money in your business? But there is so many administrative tasks such as accounting and recruitment tasks that fill up most of your time.

What’s good is that WeRemote offers outsourcing services for your accounting and recruitment needs. These people are experts in their field ready to help you in your auxiliary needs.

Now, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on it anymore. You have most of your time to work on your core competencies.



With all of this, you might think that this will cost a lot. But no. WeRemote offers competitive pricing ranging from 100 PHP to 500 PHP depending on the number of hours. They also offer prepaid and monthly plans to save you more bucks.

It’s still better than maintaining your own office! So what are you waiting for? Try out WeRemote and experience maximum productivity and social happiness in one go. Cheers!


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