4 Client Management Tips to Truly Enjoy Your Vacation When You Are Freelancing

4 Client Management Tips to Truly Enjoy Your Vacation When You Are Freelancing

Freelancing is a double-edged sword. Yes, it allowed the time flexibility to work on your chosen schedule and the location independence to work from home (or anywhere for that matter). You just need a laptop and a stable Internet connection and you’re good to go!

But on the other hand, it’s time flexibility, not time freedom. 

Your skills are your product. Better yet, you are the product. When you have a thriving freelancing business, the time you have might be more limited than it was before.

Unlike our office-working counterparts, we can actually produce results without physically being in an office. But knowing that, most clients might demand output regardless of the schedule or where we are.

That includes vacations. With your clients’ awareness that you can actually work anywhere, how can you truly enjoy your vacations? Worry not. Here are 4 client management tips to enjoy your vacation when you are freelancing.



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Inform Them!

Contrary to your belief, not all clients are clients from hell. Some actually do understand that you are human. And you need an actual vacation.

But make sure to inform them at least a month in advance. And one week prior to your holiday, inform them again. Just in case they have forgotten it. By doing this, you are respecting their time and their needs as well.



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Manage Your Clients Expectations: Ask if They Have Something Urgent to Be Done 

A week before, you should also ask if they might have urgent things to be done before you go. And if it’s too rushed to handle now, tell them politely and agree on a completion date after your holiday.

You are managing their expectations. You want them to see that this holiday will not gravely affect your deadlines at work. Or at the very least, they may have the time to adjust for your absence.



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Technology as a Compromise: Set Up Your Auto Responders and Voicemail

The worst feeling for a client is not getting a reply from their freelancers. But during your vacation, you don’t want them to bug you with emails and phone calls. 

Don’t keep them hanging. Let technology help you. Activate your voicemail on your mobile phone or office phone. 

For your autoresponders in your emails, you can also put the same message to inform them of your absence.  If you need help in setting up in your Gmail, check this video for a tutorial:

Record that you won’t be back until (state date) and you will get back to them when you return.


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What If There Were Emergencies??

But it’s inevitable to have emergencies. This especially true if you are managing a website or similar jobs. You are essential because the time the servers are down, the client loses money.

So in case, you can assign a trusted emergency contact and give the contact details to your clients. With this, you are sure that grave emergencies can be amended as soon as possible.

If you can’t set an emergency contact, you can set a higher rate for emergencies instead. With this, your client might think twice if the problem is really an emergency before calling you. And if ever they do, you will earn more money from it. You deserve your vacation, and you deserve more income from the time out of it.



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If You Want, Become a Digital Nomad

Our work made us location independent. Why not fully utilize it by being a Digital Nomad? Although this is not exactly a holiday, you kind of get a compromise. 

You can finish your work with your time flexibility and explore the country you want to. With this, you don’t have to forego any income from traveling. 

You still set your schedules. It’s business as usual for your clients. You have your time off in a nice beach after. If you don’t believe its possible, you can check out this guy who tried being a digital nomad:

Nifty, right? For whatever your vacation preferences are, I hope you find value in setting this safeguards when you are on vacation.

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