5 Irritating Questions You Shouldn’t Ask Your Remote Working Friends

5 Irritating Questions You Shouldn’t Ask Your Remote Working Friends

It’s the holidays again. And we get to meet a lot of our friends in reunions and parties. With remote working loneliness, these meetings are crucial to our wellbeing. FINALLY, we are interacting with real-life physical human beings! 

But our change in careers will surely pique are friends’ curiosities. It’s inevitable to take the hot seat. And sometimes, these questions can be irritating (and borderline offensive). Here are 5 irritating questions you shouldn’t ask your remote working friends!


WOW_ How Do You Find Work With Easy Money_

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WOW! How Do You Find Work With Easy Money?

How many times have remote workers been accused of working for easy money? I mean. You are just at home earning so many dollars while your gossip-mongering neighbors (and some friends) toil at their offices. 

Whether you are selling drugs or cyber nudity, You must be doing something Illegal online for easy money, right? Before I tell you the answer, let me just get this floor mop to hit you with. 

Remote working is not easy money. Remember this; nothing worth it comes easy. In fact, depending on the project, you might take sleepless hours just to finish all your tasks. It’s a legal profession. Even if you are at home, it’s hard work. 


Hey, When Will You Find a Real Job_

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Hey, When Will You Find a Real Job?

That’s another cringe-worthy statement deserving to be shoved down your friends’ uninformed throats. If you think a job or a career needs to have a beautiful office space, that luxurious leather office chair, or those constricted cubicles, think again.

Outside our country, more and more innovative companies like Amazon have remote teams! And it allows you to earn first world income in a third world country. Remote work is as real as it gets. OFW 2.0 or Online Filipino Workers is the wave of the future.

If you call getting first-world income in a third world country a fake job, then I would love to have this fake job all day long.


Why Do You Work Remotely_ Are You Afraid of People_

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Why Do You Work Remotely? Are You Afraid of People?

Well, this might be true for some people, but surprisingly more and more extroverts are in the remote working industry. In a 2019 survey, 34% of the people identify themselves as extroverts, while 28% are introverts, and 38% are ambiverts. 

It doesn’t mean that you work alone is that you are afraid of people. I, for one, love to meet people. I make it a point to meet at least one friend every 2 weeks for my socializing longing. And it’s a perk that we can schedule around our work to meet them.


You Work-from-home. You Must Be Available All the Time?

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You Work-from-home. You Must Be Available All the Time?

Out of all the years, we associate our homes with relaxation. Healing. Is that the reason people think we are available?

There are no boundaries anymore. Our friends and relatives think that we are available all the time. Drive me to the mall. Get me the laundry. Have you cooked lunch for 20 people already?

You know what, NO, I can’t! 

Yes, our time is flexible, but we need to finish tasks. We schedule our productivity for the whole day. So please don’t ask us if we are available every time BECAUSE WE AREN’T! *end of rage*


How Po_

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How Po?

The human mind asks so many questions. But the worst I’ve heard is these two words: “How Po?” At first, you’re happy to answer the question with your all. But you wonder, why do they not do anything? Or are they just asking for the sake of asking?

We are willing to help. But make sure to do your part.


There you have it! 5 irritating questions we are asked about almost all the time. What other questions do you get asked when you meet your non-remote working friends and relatives? Comment down below!

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