5 Reasons Why You Should Work Remotely

5 Reasons Why You Should Work Remotely

Companies or individuals transition to a remote working setup for cost and time-efficiency. I mean, why spend 3 hours or more in traffic (PH Traffic!) when you can use it for something more productive? There’s so much you can do with the freed up time.

But more than the economic benefits, you should think about how it can affect your quality of life. Here are 5 reasons why you should work remotely.



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Passion and Work-Life Balance

Remote working promotes the choice to have a healthy work-life balance. You just need a computer and a stable Internet connection. And your good to go!

If you have passion projects, you can now devote time for it. Make use of your hours for the things that matter the most.



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Become a Better Parent

If you are a freelancing parent, you will have more time for your kids. With a traditional job, we are plagued with absentee parents all over the Philippines. It’s a continuous struggle in choosing between income for their future versus spending time with your family.

Now, you don’t have to choose. Nurture your children in their formative years by physically being there for them and while earning at home! It’s now possible with freelancing.


Working_Remote_Build a Business while Working

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Build a Business while Working

Back then, it’s either you build a business or work for someone else. It’s hard to handle both effectively. You ultimately need to choose: the stability of a job or the future gains of a business?

With a remote working setup, you can have that stable flow of income while building your business side by side. The best of both worlds.


Working_Remote_Protect Yourself from Job Instabilit

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Protect Yourself from Job Instability

Most people are afraid to do freelancing because it’s not stable. But I tell you, is the job market stable? Multiple companies (even those running for decades already) have retrenched or worse closed down because of the trying modern times.

Having just one source of income is riskier, isn’t it? By taking advantage of the gig economy, you have other sources of income which you can supplement your main sources with. In the future, it can even grow so big that you might consider dropping your job for more time for the things that give more value.



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Travel the World as a Digital Nomad

Traveling the world is a dream for almost all people. But how can you travel when you are caged in an office. Nothing wrong with that. But with a freelancing setup, countless people have made the world their “office”.

Again, you just need your digital gears and an internet connection. Go on. Sip that Piña Colada in the beaches of Bali or traverse that Machu Picchu trail after your work hours. The world is now your oyster.  Become a Digital Nomad by freelancing.



The reasons above might be more than enough to take that plunge. But be wary.

Most “experts” will say that everyone can do it. But in reality, only those who have acquired marketable skills can prosper. The thing is, it’s a fast-paced world. The in-demand skills of today might be obsolete tomorrow.

Use Working Remote to upgrade your skills to start your journey or to stay more relevant in the freelance marketplace.


Bottom line:

You Now Have a Choice. You Just Need to Learn How.

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Work Remotely”

  1. Evangeline Pasamba

    No age limit, working remote could also be beneficial for moms and mom of moms who are still productive mentally but physicaly unstable due to age degeneration. Working remote also could help PWD’s who are neglected by the society in terms of employment, alot of PWD’s feels insecure and with low selfsteem due to their condition but could possibly excel in some other ways when given a chance. Working remote is a great help for moms who values family than working outside her home.

  2. irene marie valdeavilla

    This is really perfect for me! Am 55 and tired of the corporate world and wanting to have the work life balance i so wish for.

  3. Susan L. Laurinaria

    Yes’ working remote is great help for moms like me, who values family than working outside her home.
    perfect for me also.
    Thanks and God bless.

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