5 Ways Your Sideline Projects Can Help Grow Your Career

5 Ways Your Sideline Projects Can Help Grow Your Career

Working remote doesn’t really mean you should leave your current location-based full-time job. Maybe you just want to try an online side hustle for extra income or to get a feel of it. And even with the busy schedule, working on the side may prove to be a great idea for you. According to Gary Vaynerchuk, It may even change your life.


Here are 5 ways your sideline projects can help you grow in your career and life in general:


Working_Remote_Develop New Skills

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Develop New Skills

Working on a sideline project is one of the easiest ways to develop new skills or improve your existing skills set. Gaining experience from your side hustle can help you with your present career. You get to explore your skills and learn some new ones along the way, all of which you can apply on your full-time job.


Working_Remote_Promote Independence

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Promote Independence

Working on side projects can help promote your independence because you’ll be working on your own. You learn how to work independently and with less supervision as you have the freedom to be creative and work on passion projects that make you more self-sufficient.


Working_Remote_Build Your Confidence

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Build Your Confidence

Working on a sideline project can also build your confidence. You tend to rely on yourself and your capabilities, which is great because your self-confidence will be reflected in your career also. Your boss will surely notice your newfound confidence and assign new tasks to you or even promote you.


Working_Remote_Broaden Your Vision

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Broaden Your Vision

Sideline work doesn’t just improve your skills set but also opens new doors for you and helps you grow as an individual. You’re exposed to a lot of new ideas and as you expand your mind, you learn so much more than just mere technical skills but also valuable life skills.


Working_Remote_Meet New People

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Meet New People

You encounter new people when you work on sideline projects. Even though the interactions are limited – mostly virtual – you still meet interesting people who can influence you and even help you develop your work ethic.

Embarking on a freelance career doesn’t have to be the end of your career. In fact, freelancing may even complement your day job and help you grow as an employee. However, if you find yourself wishing to go freelancing full time, then there’s no problem there.

Finding clients in your freelancing career may not be easy at first but you will definitely meet the most interesting people along the way. Plus, you will learn a whole lot of new things as you expand your horizons in your side hustle.



If you’re happy with your career and just want to work on a side hustle for extra money, then you can always juggle both. Surely you will grow in your career as you work on that sideline project.

The benefits above are just some of the things you will acquire as you embark on a freelancing sideline. There’s more to improve on so go ahead and start that side hustle. You never know what you might encounter along the way.

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