6 Practical Tips to Make Your Awesome CV for your Remote Working Career

6 Practical Tips to Make Your Awesome CV for your Remote Working Career

If you want to get your dream remote work, you should be able to market yourself as someone who can get things done. Out of all the freelancers out there, why will they choose you? You need to stand out in the screening process. 

Your clients may not have the time to get to know all the applicants one by one. Usually, the first thing the clients will see is your curriculum vitae (CV). In Latin, Curriculum Vitae means “the course of my life.” It encompasses the academic and career achievements we received in our life. 

How to make one, you ask? Do we just list everything we have done? Well, the answer would depend. Creating an impressive CV is not that simple. 

Worry not, though. We will help you create a stunning CV to land your desired remote work. Here are 6 tips to make your awesome CV for your remote working career.


Have The Right Mindset

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Have The Right Mindset

Your CV is a tool to market yourself to your prospective clients. And in marketing, your mindset should be to contribute. How can you help the client get what they want? 

Think about it. In your client’s shoes, what kind of remote worker do they want to hire for the job? You can find clues in their job posting. Keep this in mind when writing your CV. It will help you choose what to include and not to add.


Tailor Fit Your CV to the Position You're Applying For

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Tailor Fit Your CV to the Position You’re Applying For

Yes, you don’t have to include everything in your CV. Your recruiters don’t have the time to read your autobiography. Basically, your CV should consist of the following information:

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • Home Address
  • Summary of Qualifications
  • Skills/Technical Expertise
  • Work Experience (Detailed job responsibilities and accomplishments)
  • Educational Background
  • Character Reference

Remember, if you are applying for an accounting gig, only add accounting relevant entries. If it’s for a telemarketing posting, only include your experience and skills relevant in telemarketing.

I know you are good at cooking. But I don’t think it would matter when you’re proving your telemarketing skills. In certain instances, you can also include your previous work or sample portfolios. If applicable, certifications can also add credibility to your application as well.


Highlight the Most Relevant Information

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Highlight the Most Relevant Information

Again, your target client will just skim through a lot of applicant’s CVs. When drafting your CV, you should highlight the essential details first. Let it stand out from the rest.

For example, you might have experienced servicing 25 clients for the past 2 years. But you don’t need to include each and every one of them. Only include the ones that are similar to the clients you are targeting. It just shows that you have experience handling problems in the same industry.

You don’t want them to miss crucial information about you just because you cluttered your CV with unnecessary stuff. Again, think about what they want and adjust accordingly.


Be Creative with Your CV's format

Be Creative with Your CV’s format

One way to make a striking first impression is a uniquely designed CV. With free software today like Canva, you can create a CV that is visually pleasing enough to stand out from the rest. Here are some examples:


Sample 1 Sample 2


If you are not creative enough to design one, here is a resume builder complete with templates you can tinker on. You can also check out this video tutorial to guide you in creating your resumes.


Check Your CV for Errors

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Check Your CV for Errors

We are not perfect. We can overlook some parts of our CV. But as much as possible, our CV should be spotless from grammatical and design errors. 

Triple-check your work. Some recruiters might disregard your application just because of a simple error, such as “you’re and your.” And you don’t want that.

You can let someone proofread your application or use apps like Grammarly to check for things you might have missed.


Be Honest

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Be Honest!

Remote work revolves around trust. There should be a standard of confidence that you can do your job without their supervision because you are not physically working with them. 

Imagine what they would think if you lied on your application? 

If you didn’t graduate that course or you didn’t do that service for a client, do not fake it! Do not include qualifications that aren’t true in your CV. Please be honest!

The remote working community is a closely-knit one. You don’t want to be branded a fraud or be blacklisted in your future applications.


It’s Now Time to Create Your CV

Remember, there is no single perfect CV. Just always think of your prospective clients first. How can you help them with their goals? 

If you’re applying through a reputable remote working agency, most will help you edit your CV to fit your client’s qualifications perfectly. You can visit this link for reputable agencies you can start with. 

With that, I hope you can prepare the best CV to get accepted! Good luck!


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