Authenticity and Real Human Connection: The Most Essential Marketing Strategy Today According to Melissa Profeta

Authenticity and Real Human Connection: The Most Essential Marketing Strategy Today According to Melissa Profeta

Authenticity and Real Human Connection: The Most Essential Marketing Strategy Today According to Melissa Profeta

Every business needs a marketing strategy. Not all products sell themselves. You need to find an effective way to bridge your merchandise or services to your intended customers. 

Arguably, we can go as far as saying: this is the most important activity of any business out there. After all, if you don’t have healthy sales figures, your business wouldn’t be existing in the long run. But marketing is ever changing. What works decades ago, probably doesn’t work right now. And who best to help us discern what works today other than Melissa Profeta! 

Melissa Profeta is a PR and Community Growth Specialist. And she is one of our esteemed speakers in Working Remote 2019. 

We got the chance to pique her mind in one of our exclusive interviews. Here is how it went.



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Start of the Freelancing Journey

Leandro: Hi Melissa! You are a successful freelancer in the marketing field. We are really curious. How did you start your freelancing journey?

Melissa: Hi Leandro! Back then, I was a BPO Team Lead/Trainer for years, got enough money to sustain my life for a few months and took the risk of establishing a startup selling slimming juice and whitening soaps with my life partner. 

Our startup business got bankrupt and I had no other choice but to look for ways to help my family thrive. I thought to myself since I have some specific skill sets that are in demand online (based on ads I see when I surf the net), a PC, and a stable internet, I researched my way to becoming a freelancer. I ended up creating a profile on and Upwork. Using my strategic approach, I reached my 6-figure consistent income in my fourth month of freelancing. 


Not an Easy Road

Melissa: I got super addicted to closing clients and even ended up managing up to 16 clients all at once. That’s when I started shifting my ways and started learning more about managing my own mini agency. I got myself some partners. 

But just like any business venture, the first time isn’t always smooth. Had to polish and tweak a few things about my workflow and system before finding out which one works best. 

Soon I ended up partnering with one of PH’s top digital marketers to establish an online school for Social Media Marketers, opened my Digital PR firm together with an Award-winning author, and will soon release an online program where I’ll personally mentor other women who are in dire need of direction for the success they’re longing to achieve.



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Helping Others Towards Success

Leandro: That’s one heck of a roller coaster ride. I want to touch more on the helping part. Can you tell us your experience in mentoring people?

Melissa: Of course! Leandro, I was able to contribute to changing the lives of some people whom I’ve connected with (online, through SMA, or anyone who has watched me). I feel great when someone comes back to me and tells me that I’ve somehow touched their lives and inspired them to become better at what they do. I love inspiring other people to become the best version of themselves.

But my biggest regret. I have worked with other freelancers and one thing I’ve learned is to not assume that all freelancers are the same. There are still beginners, intermediates, and experts in their respective fields. I could’ve mentored them more effectively.

When working with a beginner, expect to contribute to their growth and provide feedback. It is only when working with intermediates and experts where you can slack off and let them do their best for you while checking in from time to time. 



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The Lifestyle of a Successful Freelancer

Leandro: Wow! This is valuable insight especially for those mentoring or managing people under them. But with this busy schedule, can you tell us how your lifestyle looks like?

Melissa: Well, I’m a mom of 2 (currently expecting while writing this ). My brain works faster and I could concentrate even more when I work at night. So during the day, all I do is sleep, read a good book, watch Netflix, play e-games or teach my kids, and eat. I also use the spare time to catch up with lessons from courses I’ve enrolled myself into. Learning never stops!



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The Rise of Authenticity and Real Human Connection in PR Marketing

Leandro: Congratulations! I salute you. You know what, I expected a really cutthroat schedule. But apparently, even if you have this many responsibilities, freelancing has made your time more flexible for the things that matter the most.

PR Marketing is your expertise, right? Where do you think is the future of PR and Marketing going in the coming years?

Melissa: As consumers tend to be smarter than ever, marketers should start finding ways to develop trust naturally. I’d say people are becoming more and more inclined to be a part of something bigger or valuable for their lives. The best strategy for that is by creating a community with shared beliefs and values.

Remember that you won’t be able to serve everyone at a time. It’s gonna take a good copy, branding, and vibe to attract one person now. This means that it’s very crucial for you to really identify the kind of demographics and persona you want to pull to the business. 

If you fail on the first step, everything else you’d do next will also fail until you’ve finally determined who you really want to serve.

Ultimately, authenticity and real human connection are two things that will never be old in setting up a recipe for a successful marketing and PR campaign. This means that offline events integrated with online strategies are still vital. For example, exclusive backstage FB Live coverages, workshops with an intention to build communities or events with online activities.



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Tips for Aspiring Freelancers

Leandro: Yes! There is so much clutter in social media and marketing now. Ironically, people are left without real personal connections. And that is truly the edge in marketing today. We’re approaching the end of the interview. What are your tips for our aspiring freelancers? 

Melissa: I advocate the strategic approach to making money online:

  • Determine what’s your superpower.
  • Capitalize on your superpower and enrich it with revenue-generating skills.
  • Find your blue ocean niche.
  • Determine your ideal clients.
  • Keep a good and healthy relationship with your client by being prompt and over-delivering results.

You can go through my free online course for free just let me know why you want to have this lifestyle through my FB page.



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Advice to Practicing Freelancers

Leandro: Those are great tips! Everyone reading this should take advantage and contact your FB page! By the way, how about for those already freelancing, what is your advice to them?

Melissa: If you think you are currently stuck and life seems to become boring or maybe you want to take things to the next level, remember this: It’s never too late to change your ending. You start rediscovering yourself and start opening your doorway to opportunities by growing and enriching your network.

Leandro: Wow! What fitting advice to end this interview!



There you have it! Ms. Melissa Profeta! Did you learn something new? I’m sure I did!

If you want more of Melissa, make sure to secure your Working Remote tickets now! Cheers to a fruitful freelancing career!


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