#BestMeEver: The Journey of Myke Celis in Finding His Passion and Purpose

#BestMeEver: The Journey of Myke Celis in Finding His Passion and Purpose

Finding your purpose is a lifelong process. It makes everything you do enjoyable. It’s something that lets you push through all the hardships to get to your goals. 

You are lucky if you finally found it. If you haven’t, it’s alright. You can still be successful while in the process. And that’s what we are curious about. And our guest today found his purpose in helping people reach their #BestMeEver!  

One of the speakers in the upcoming Working Remote 2019, Myke Celis is an internationally certified life coach helping people towards self-actualization and personal breakthroughs.

We got the chance to have an exclusive interview with him. And this is how it went.



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Orange Magazine

Finding YOUR Purpose

Leandro: Hi Myke! We are really lucky to have you here. Everyone wants to find their purpose in life. For you, what’s the turning point that led you to it?

Myke: Thank you, Leandro! I found myself at my lowest point in 2014 when I hit rock bottom after a physically abusive relationship and a betrayal of a friend which left me almost bankrupt. Bu those allowed me to discover my #BestMeEver. And have my personal breakthroughs after I got so broken.

I always say that my greatest achievement at this point in my life is to be able to live my purpose and pursue my passion while having the time and means to do so.

And I believe that my purpose in life is to help other people discover their own #BestMeEver.



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Best Me Ever

Motivating and Transforming Others

Leandro: Finding your purpose in helping others. That is a noble goal. You have this talent in motivational speaking that is impactful to people. In your opinion, is it a good time to start now in the same field? What do you suggest are needed by our readers to start in this career?

Myke: I would consider myself as a Transformational Speaker instead. It’s not just about motivating but rather changing something from within and transforming them into their best in the process.

I always believed, regardless of one’s background or accomplishments, every story is worth hearing. If you have the heart to share, just go for it. Then build on your story.

Always consider that at the end of the day, it’s not about you, but how you were able to transfer your audience in the process by allowing them to resonate fully towards you.



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Advice to Those Starting to Freelance

Leandro: That’s right! It’s not about you. It’s about your story. It’s how it can uplift the lives of the people hearing them. And a lot of freelancers reading this might have the same doubts. 

For those who want to start freelancing, what are your tips for them to get the same lifestyle and results?

Myke: Identify your purpose, hold on to it, pursue your passion and when the going gets tough, revert back to your purpose. 

Always live your personal truth. When you know your why, all other aspects will follow. Be a unicorn amidst a sea of people.

Celebrate little milestones and duplicate big wins. Reflect on what matters most after each and every day and allow yourself to enjoy the journey with the desired end in mind.


Advice for Practicing Freelancers

Leandro: Purpose. That is certainly a good way to start. How about for those who are already practicing freelancers, what is your advice for them?

Myke: Always ask yourself what’s next? Continue to learn and expand your skills set. never be afraid to explore new territories and always remember that you will always be good enough.


There you have it! Did you learn a lot? Learn more from Myke and our great lineup of speakers at the upcoming Working Remote 2019!

It’s a gathering of high caliber speakers from here and abroad to teach how to achieve your dream lifestyle with remote working. Tickets are running out fast! Reserve your slots today!


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