COVID19 Bills Payment: Companies Extending Payment Deadlines due to COVID19

(Last updated March 26, 2020, 2:30 PM) President Rodrigo Duterte declared an “enhanced community quarantine” in Luzon to respond to the growing COVID19 cases. Right now, businesses are closed with almost no public transportation options for the masses. With the shut down of businesses, income is also limited for most people. But our bills don’t […]

Hedonic Treadmill: How to Break the Endless Cycle of Unhappiness and Be Truly Happy

How are you?  Really. How are you truly feeling today? Are you happy? Sad? Or just neutral? More often than not, we are not 100% happy for today. Ever wondered why we couldn’t be happy all the time? For example, you might have experienced getting something like the latest phone today, and you were so […]

Freelancing Productivity: How to use the Focused Mode and Diffused Mode of Thinking to Get More Things Done

Our freelancing career can blossom if we can do more things in a given time. And the income jumps even more if we can solve bigger and harder problems for different clients. And the fact that it’s hard, it’s not something routinary that everyone can do. I mean. How can you think of many creative […]

Tips to Take Advantage of Deep Work for Your Freelancing Career

Freelancing can give the balance we want in our lifestyles. We have the freedom and time flexibility to juggle our passions, family time, and our careers. But we need to be disciplined enough to handle all the distractions we have with this freedom. And we can use “Deep Work” to our advantage.    What is […]

How to Limit Distractions to Be Productive in your Freelancing Career

The freelancing market has provided opportunities that can help us have work-life balance. You can now work from anywhere you want and have more time for the things that matter the most. It might be more time for your family, your passion projects, travels, and more! Name it — the options are endless. But the […]

How to Price Your Services as a Freelancer

As a freelancer, we can set our prices to what we want. It is a free market! The problem is, a free market doesn’t readily accept what you demand. You need to find someone who will pay you happily for the value you can give. For most aspiring freelancers, what is that value? What is […]

Pomodoro Technique: Your Tool to Get More Focused in a Distracted World

We are plagued with distraction. We know that we need to be productive to reach our dreams. But we keep on checking our phones for social media updates or that “casual browsing break” for online shopping.  How can we battle this distraction tug of war to improve our freelancing career?  One way to battle distraction […]

How to Create an Effective To-Do List for Your Freelance Career

We have to be productive to succeed in freelancing. Time is our most valuable resource, and if we can do more things in a given amount of time, we can achieve our goals faster. One way to do that is by creating an effective to-do list. Here is how to create one.   Limit to […]

How to Set SMART Goals for your Freelancing Career

As freelancers, our time is our most valuable asset. The more clients we can serve in a given time, the more we can earn our goals. But these goals are not so easy to get. There are times when we set goals but fail to get them. And it’s frustrating!  But worry not. If other […]

Novel Coronavirus: What We Know and What Should You Do to Protect Yourself 

After the shocking tremors from Taal, we are yet to find another threat to our wellbeing. This time, it’s silent but can be deadly if left unchecked. A new Coronavirus has been spreading from China and might start to become a pandemic across the world.   What is Coronavirus? A coronavirus is a type of […]

Parenting 101: How to Balance Your Freelancing Career While Parenting

Most parents dream of having the time to take care of their children. But how can you do that with your office work? Traffic alone consumes most of your time. Not to mention, most are exhausted when they arrive home. With freelancing, it is not a dream anymore. You can have the flexibility to be […]

Top 10 Freelancers You Should Follow This 2020

The freelancing industry is booming in the Philippines, especially for the past year. In fact, at 35% growth, we are ranked number 6 in the world for the fastest growing country in terms of freelancing income.  You might ask: if the PH freelancing community is generally increasing income, why are you earning roughly the same […]

6 Practical Tips to Make Your Awesome CV for your Remote Working Career

If you want to get your dream remote work, you should be able to market yourself as someone who can get things done. Out of all the freelancers out there, why will they choose you? You need to stand out in the screening process.  Your clients may not have the time to get to know […]

What-to-Do Checklists For Volcanic Ashfall You Should Be Prepared For

Last Sunday, a sudden calamity hit the Philippines. After close to 45 years of being dormant, the Taal volcano has erupted with no pre-eruption signs like tremors. Right now, residents around Taal and Batangas are evacuated to safer places. The problem is volcanic ashfall is now combined with the air plaguing as far as Bulacan. […]

Top 8 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Prepare For 2020

Digital marketing is a growing field where Filipino freelancers thrive. More and more companies need to be present online to sell their products or services effectively — the reach of which has enormous potential. It can increase sales significantly, even with less marketing budget. But as the reach grows, also the changes in digital marketing […]

State of Freelancing in the Philippines 2020: What We Know so Far

Freelancing is taking center stage this 2020 as it becomes more popular among Filipinos, especially online freelancing. It may be because of the lifestyle choices that are now available to you. Or the money you can get. But what does freelancing actually look like in the Philippines? Here is the state of freelancing in the […]

Top 7 New Year Money Goals for Freelancers

It’s time again for changes for the better this coming new year. And for most, money goals will be a top priority in our lists. How are your finances last year? Did you hit your financial goals? Or do you have money goals in the first place? If the answer is no, worry not. You […]

How to Register in the BIR as a Freelancer?

Freelancing is growing in the Philippines. More and more Filipinos choose the time and location flexibility over traditional work setups. It might be for more time for the family or passion projects. After all, you only live once. Might as well live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. But as this sector grows, not all Filipinos […]

Improve your Health: 7 Freelancer Health Checklist Items for New Year

It’s the time of year again when we start anew (hopefully for the better) — making amends with our bad decisions last year. And arguably, our health and fitness took its toll. I mean, just remember all the food you ate last holiday, right? With that, our health deserves to be improved in the coming […]

Is Remote Working Right For Your Personality?

Not all careers are for everyone. There are certain skill sets and personalities that are perfect for every job. The same is true with remote work. Wondering what personality traits can be ideal for remote working? Here are some:   Independent You will be working alone when remote working. You have to be independent to […]

7 New Year Goals for Your Freelancing Career 

It’s the time of the year again where we try to start anew and be better people in general. How was your new year’s resolution last year? Did you hit any milestones? Chances are, you haven’t. In fact, there is a study by Strava that found out people quit their New Year’s resolution as early […]

4 Free New Year Fireworks Display in Manila

New Year is coming a few days from now. And why not celebrate the end of the year with a bang! Literally. Watching the annual fireworks display is a spectacle you can enjoy with your loved ones. According to Neuroscientist Daniel Glaser, fireworks are a favorite by humans because they scare us. The bright flashes […]

5 Irritating Questions You Shouldn’t Ask Your Remote Working Friends

It’s the holidays again. And we get to meet a lot of our friends in reunions and parties. With remote working loneliness, these meetings are crucial to our wellbeing. FINALLY, we are interacting with real-life physical human beings!  But our change in careers will surely pique are friends’ curiosities. It’s inevitable to take the hot […]

5 Ideas to Celebrate Christmas as a Remote Worker

Are you enjoying remote working? Having location independence and time flexibility gives numerous advantages and options. With the freedom we enjoy, we get to experience work-life balance. You get ore time for the family, time for passion projects, travel around the world — the possibilities are endless. But a lot has changed with how we […]

9 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Remote Workers

Everyone is busy. Even if people think remote workers do nothing doing, we juggle multiple clients. We work on our passion projects. We spend time with our loved ones. It can be a hectic week. Yes! We have all been there. Your hours inside your “working cave” detached you from the outside world.  Admit it; […]

5 Virtual Party Ideas for Remote Teams

One of the biggest problems in remote working is loneliness. Remote workers are alone with their trusty computers, making a living in their home offices. But most don’t see enough people to socialize with. The remote working setup is effective as to cost savings and productivity. But you don’t want to lose employees just because […]

4 Things We Can Learn as a Freelancer from the SEA Games 2019

Last Nov 30, 2019, to Dec 11, 2019, the SEA Games 2019 was held in the Philippines with 11 participating countries in Southeast Asia. It’s a momentous display of athleticism and sportsmanship between our neighboring countries. And with the success of the event, one can think of numerous lessons that can apply in our freelancing […]

4 Lessons You Can Learn as a Freelancer from Miss Universe 2019

The stars of the universe have descended to grace us with their beauty. Held in Atlanta, Georgia, Miss Universe 2019 just concluded last December 8, 2019. And the universe has spoken. The winner is Zozibini Tunzi from South Africa, followed by Miss Puerto Rico (1st runner up) and Miss Mexico (2nd runner up). Miss Philippines […]

6 Ways to Spot Freelancing Scams Online

The freelancing market brought opportunities to Filipinos like never before. Right now, you can earn a decent (or even higher) income while staying at home (or wherever you want). You currently have more time and location flexibility for things that matter the most.  It even has career growth. Who doesn’t want that, right? But then, […]

7 Habits for a Productive Mindset

Freelancing and remote work brought new opportunities to Filipinos. You can now work wherever you want while growing a sustainable career online. It might be the dream work setup you have been looking for. The problem is, the income you earn is directly proportional to your productivity. If you don’t do your work hours well […]

7 Practices to Ensure Your Skills Remain Relevant in Your Industry

The only thing constant in this world is change. With the fast-paced world today, it’s more fitting more than ever. Many companies have closed down because they didn’t catch up with the trends.  And it’s the same with our freelancing careers. We need to be updated with our skills to stay relevant in our industry. […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Supportive Boss

Whether freelancing or remote working, working for a company is more than just the financial compensation you can get.  There are other intrinsic factors that are crucial. Most people clamor for the learning opportunities plus the relationship dynamics between their peers, and especially their bosses.  In fact, it is the main reason why people quit. […]

5 Tips to Make Your Mornings Productive

Freelancing has brought many opportunities to Filipinos. We now have control over the income we can earn. Moreso, we can use the time we have for things that matter the most, such as our passion projects or our spending time for our families. But it’s a double-edged sword. It also means that we can’t slack. […]

7 Tips for Maintaining a Harmonious Relationship While Working With a Younger Boss

The world is changing so fast. Opportunities are open to everyone that even young people are getting their big breaks as early as their early twenties. As for our respected baby boomers, with the technology right now, they can take advantage of the remote working opportunities ahead. The problem is, different generations most likely have […]

5 Reasons Meditation Can Help Grow Your Freelancing Career

Meditation has grown in popularity as one of the best ways to destress and avoid burnouts. And studies prove its benefits.  And if you’re a freelancer, it will undoubtedly boost your career. How? You ask. These are 5 reasons meditation can help grow your freelancing career.   Reduces Stress  According to a study by the […]

4 Tips to Take Advantage of Coffee for Peak Productivity

Freelancers need to make the most out of their time. The more things we can do in an hour means the more income we can get for our goals.  But it’s not every day that we are 100% productive. There are certainly times when we are ineffective. We open our laptop. Try to work, but […]

4 Crucial Things You Should Consider Before Transitioning from Corporate to Freelancing

So you’re about to make a major career change, and you’re thinking about going freelancing. It’s nerve-wracking yet exciting at the same time. And it’s normal to feel that way. After all, it might be your most important life-changing decision yet.  So how do you actually transition? These are 4 crucial things you should consider […]

6 Ways to Get Motivated When You Feel Down in Your Freelancing Career

We are not always at 100%. Life gets in the way. We fail, and we feel demotivated from working. I believe most freelancers have gone through this kind of moment. Should you just quit?   I say, no! It’s easier said than done. But there are means to pick ourselves up and fight another day. […]

6 Soft Skills that Can Improve Your Freelancing Career

It’s not all about technical and hard skills. You might be an ultra-talented individual or a genius, but if you don’t have certain personal qualities, it might limit your chances to prosper. Soft skills are necessary to set you apart from the rest. Soft skills are interpersonal skills and personality traits that are a foundation […]

7 Ways Successful People Handle People They Don’t Like

In freelancing, there are times when you have to deal with people who aren’t appealing to you. There are people we don’t like (or don’t like us as well). But you can’t just let them disappear. Sometimes, you need to interact with them for work. Should you just quit? Not yet!  Here are 7 ways […]

7 Key Lessons Freelancers Can Learn from John Gokongwei Jr.

The Filipinos are grieving for the death of another great man in society. John Gokongwei Jr. (93 years old), the Filipino Taipan and founder of JG summit, passed away last Nov 9, 2019. And we are forever grateful for all the contributions he has made for all the Filipinos.  Gokongwei’s success is not handed on […]

Copywriting vs. Content Writing: What’s the Difference?

Freelance Writing is in-demand in the digital age. Every business needs a writer to sell their services, maintain a facebook page, create marketing strategies, and so much more.  There are two disciplines in writing that people get confused with. These are copywriting and content writing. Yes, they are different. The writing style, the purpose, even […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service Without Costing You Money

Running a successful business is not about that one time sale. It’s an influx of new customers and old ones that orders repeatedly every month. And hopefully, some of your repeat customers become advocates of your product and recommend you! That’s how you usually grow your sales. And it also applies to your freelancing business. […]

6 Tips to Create Your Own Productive Home Office

As a freelancer, distractions take your attention away from your tasks at hand. You’re probably familiar with these scenarios.  Your friends might be dropping by. The kids are begging for attention or playing noisily. The dog barking at some blank space.   All these clamors for your attention limit your productivity. That’s why a separate “home […]

How to Build a Powerful Professional Network Online to Grow Your Freelancing Career

It’s not what you know; it’s who you know that counts. This modern adage applies not only in business but also in your freelancing career. After all, to succeed in freelancing, you should treat it as an enterprise. The question is, how do you widen your professional network? You don’t even go out of the […]

5 Reasons Why Baby Boomers Are Perfect for Remote Working

The global workforce has been changing rapidly for the last decade. A lot of companies are now embracing remote teams all over the world. No wonder. For the right people, it maximizes the productivity of the company and minimizes operational costs.  Alongside this trend, office-based companies (especially in the Philippines) have this unspoken discrimination for […]

6 Advantages of Working with Australian Clients

Does working from the comforts of your home sound appealing for you? Working online is a dream for most Filipinos. Working from home means you don’t have to deal with the stress of commuting through Manila traffic. You get to be your own boss and manage your own time. You now have more moments with […]

4 Reasons When Taking Lower Pay Makes Sense

The income we consistently get dictates the lifestyle that is possible for us. It affects the cars we drive, the house we can drive, and the activities we can participate in.  Money may not be the root of happiness, but it positively affects the things that make us happy. With the consistent inflow, if you […]

5 Useful Tools for Freelance Writers

Content writing and copywriting are in-demand skills in remote working today. And it’s not surprising! Every business that wants to have a digital presence needs to write out useful blogs to rank them in google search. Freelance writers also help out in social media to entice the client’s target market to become a customer. And […]

Filipino VAs: Why You Should Consider to Become a Virtual Assistant

Remote working has provided jobs for Filipinos that can give them a better lifestyle. Just the time alone saved from traffic can allow us to do more productive things.  You can use it to learn new skills. Focus more on that passion project you’ve always wanted. Or more time for your family. Arguably, the most […]

4 Legitimate PH Remote Working Agencies and 4 Reasons Why You Should Find Remote Work Through Them

Ever dream of having a remote job? With traffic in the Philippines worsening (3-hour commute on a normal day!), it might be the best time to find other options.  You don’t want to wake up at 4 AM just to be barely on time for a 9 AM – 6 PM shift. And don’t get […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Work for Small Businesses  

As a freelancer, working for small businesses has its perks. While it may not be that stable at first, but there are advantages that you will enjoy when you choose to work for them. Here are 7 reasons why you should work for small businesses.   More Skills to Learn There are fewer tasks to […]

Freelancing Woes: 4 Things to Consider Before You Quit Freelancing

In life, it’s not easy to climb up. We stumble and fall. We might even go all the way back down.  There are times when we might feel like throwing the towel to call it quits. And freelancing is not an exemption. Freelancing is like having your own business. You have to continuously market to […]

Interview Red Flags: 5 Signs You Don’t Want to Accept a Job or Project Offer for Your Freelancing Career

As a freelancer, we would love to get all the clients we can work with. The more clients we have, the more money we can earn for our family and our future dreams. It’s that simple.  But most are not really fortunate to get the best clients on the first try. Some are clients from […]

How to Be Productive If You Are Not A Morning Person?

Freelancing brought about many opportunities for us. It allowed us to focus on what we love to do (whether it be more time for the family or traveling) whilst working a living. You just need a trusty laptop and a reliable Internet connection. And you’re in business!  But then, why is it so hard to […]

Is Working Less Hours Better For You?

When we want to achieve our dreams, we should put the work in. Squeeze in all the blood, sweat, and tears. You need to go full out!  Have you ever heard this advice? Although hard work is essential in anything worth it, this saying led to tumultuous schedules. A 16-hour workday is a must! I […]

SMS/Email Etiquette for the Remote Worker

Remote communication can be quite puzzling.  On the one hand, it spares you the trouble of having to interact with people face to face, especially if you spend much of your working day in sweat pants or happen to identify with us, socially-awkward hermits.  On the other hand, it’s not entirely devoid of unspoken rules […]

8 Legitimate Freelancing Courses to Start Remote Working in the Philippines

You want to be a freelancer but you don’t have the skills yet? Or you’re trying to learn with free courses online but it doesn’t seem to get you anywhere (or land any client)? Paying for freelancing courses might be the answer you’re looking for. But then, why pay if there are free courses? That’s […]

5 Little Things That Can Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed

Let’s face it: the Internet speed in the Philippines is a joke. Last year, the country ranked 74th out of 77 countries in terms of fourth generation (4G) mobile internet technology speed. While this technology’s speed peaks at 100 megabytes per second (Mbps), the Philippines’ average download speed clocks in at a dismal 8.24 Mbps. […]

How to Start a Successful Blog Today

I remember when blogging was all the rage. The year was 2007, and I would always have a daily roster of local food blogs that I’d visit before buckling down to the day’s work. (I was an intern then, so much of my day was spent trolling the webs and trying to look busy while […]

Working Remote 2019: Helping Filipinos Achieve their Dream Lifestyle in the Biggest Remote Working Conference in the Philippines

The era of remote work is here. People all over the world are starting to harness the power of the Internet to make a living. And this is not an exclusive opportunity, especially for Filipinos.  In fact, Filipinos are ranked fourth among the number of freelancers on And it’s expected to grow further in […]

3 Reasons why Converge Should Be Your Internet Provider for Your Freelancing Career

We all know this. Internet in the Philippines s*cks. How many times have you experienced disconnecting during crucial moments like a client skype interview or when sending that important document?  Stable and reliable internet is the lifeblood of our freelancing career. It’s just frustrating considering the high price tag we pay. I mean we are […]

3 Reasons Why WeRemote is The Best Coworking Space in Metro Manila

Remote working is a blessing for all of us. With technology, you can now earn as much your office-working peers (or even higher) while having the time to do the things that matter the most.  But remote work has its drawbacks, especially in the social aspect. We don’t see people in person. No physical workmates […]

Managing Remote Teams: Why You Should Use Time Doctor to Increase Productivity 

We all know the advantages of remote working. Lower costs. More access to global talent. Better work-life balance. It’s probably the best way to set up a business in this century. It’s all about trusting your virtual staff to deliver the tasks given to them. But then, you don’t want to blindly trust your employees. […]

The Road to Freedom: Mike Grogan’s Lessons to Become World-Class Filipinos

Freelancing has created opportunities that we can’t imagine to be possible. Yes, it’s not easy. But the opportunities are accessible more than ever. All for what? FREEDOM! Right now, you can achieve financial and time freedom while working online. And this is the advocacy of Mike Grogan, one of our esteemed speakers for the upcoming […]

Living Life Like It’s Your Last Year: Chris Jankulovski’s Quest to Meaningful Impact One Filipino Remote Worker at a Time

Remote working is a blessing to everyone. Where can you find readily available work at the comforts of your home? With this opportunity, you now have the time for your kids. You can finally pursue your passion projects. Or even travel the world as a digital nomad!  It’s such a promising industry. The problem is, […]

Win-win Opportunities for Filipinos: How Greg Gibas Matched Filipino Workers with Remote Working Careers Abroad

Would you love a career that can give you the best lifestyle without going abroad? Who wouldn’t, right? Remote working is blessing more and more Filipinos with great opportunities right in the comforts of your homes. Online Filipino Workers 2.0 or OFW 2.0 as some may call it. Now, the ability to earn considerably high-paying […]

Leadership is a Practice: How Gina Romero Connected Women to World-Class Opportunities

The opportunities in the Philippines are arguably limited especially for women. A lot of Filipinos look for greener pastures abroad so that they can provide the best life for their family. After all, you are responsible for your own destiny. Is there another way? Is there another option where you don’t need to leave your […]

The Power of Working Remotely: How MK Bertulfo Became the Best Mom She Can Be While Building a Thriving Community of Filipino Homebased Moms

Career or Family? It’s the lifelong debacle of almost all parents striving for a better life. If you choose a better career, you will secure the future of your growing kids. But at the expense of nurturing them and being with them in their early years.  With Manila traffic (2-3 hours commute per day MINIMUM) […]

Freelancer Benefits: Cindy Burdette’s Journey to Building a Successful Start-up for the Overall Wellness of Freelancers

The allure of freelancing. Time flexibility. Location Independence. Control your income wherever you are in the world. It’s like living THE life! What else can go wrong, right? A lot of things. Sickness. Health concerns. And it’s good to be protected from these emergencies. The problem is, the Filipino freelancers don’t really have access to […]

#BestMeEver: The Journey of Myke Celis in Finding His Passion and Purpose

Finding your purpose is a lifelong process. It makes everything you do enjoyable. It’s something that lets you push through all the hardships to get to your goals.  You are lucky if you finally found it. If you haven’t, it’s alright. You can still be successful while in the process. And that’s what we are curious […]

6-Figure Income in Freelancing? How John Pagulayan Used Freelancing to Earn Income People Would Just Dream Of

Freelancing has a common misconception: it’s just rackets or small side gigs that can give you a few bucks. I mean that may be true to a certain extent. But keeping your view of freelancing this way may make you miss bigger opportunities in the remote working field. Because right now, it’s far from the […]

6 Effective Ways to Manage Stress in Freelancing Work

Stress is an all-time is a  “silent killer.” It strikes regardless if you are young or old. And as freelancers, we are affected by stress maybe because of our client’s demands or the upcoming deadlines.  Stress can make you ill: physically, emotionally, and psychologically. When you experience stress and have little capacity to deal with it, […]

From Poverty to Becoming a Successful Digital Nomad:  How Third World Nomad Karissa Javier Rose Above All With Remote Working

Let’s admit it. It’s hard to be born in a third world country. You don’t have the same opportunities compared abroad. And you need a lot of luck and privilege to be able to just rise from it.  That’s why the Filipinos gamble their livelihood to jobs in other countries as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). […]

4 Client Management Tips to Truly Enjoy Your Vacation When You Are Freelancing

Freelancing is a double-edged sword. Yes, it allowed the time flexibility to work on your chosen schedule and the location independence to work from home (or anywhere for that matter). You just need a laptop and a stable Internet connection and you’re good to go! But on the other hand, it’s time flexibility, not time […]

The Power of LinkedIn Marketing: Key Insights from LinkedIn Expert Virginia Bautista in Building Your Brand and Premium Client Base

Freelancing is a blessing for everyone practicing in this field. You get to have more control over your time and location. I mean, you just need your trusty laptop and a reliable internet connection and you’re good to go! Now, I’m even writing this article while I’m in a coffee shop in Bali. How cool […]

7 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Consider Working Remotely

Remote working is gaining popularity in many organizations and companies. More and more people are becoming freelancers who work from home. Why do some people prefer to work remotely or choose to work from home? For your family? Want to do passion projects? Or just want to escape traffic? For whatever reason, if you’ve decided […]

From Curiosity to a Thriving Business: Secret Tips from the #TheCoolestGuyInSEO Kris Reid’s Journey to Entrepreneurial Success

Most of us have the dream to become successful. Though success differs for different people, most of our dreams need money to become a reality. It dictates the vacations you can take, the houses you can buy. Heck, that elusive “peace of mind” might even need money to achieve it. Arguably, the most prosperous people […]

7 Tips to Make Sure Working From Home Works For You

Working or running a business from home comes with a lot of perks. You won’t have to endure daily traffic and commute, you get to spend more time with your family, and you can choose to pursue other hobbies. You can make it all the more enjoyable and fruitful by doing things that will encourage […]

7 Ways to Get Started on That Side Hustle You’ve Been Procrastinating On

Do you dream of starting a side hustle that you’ve been fantasizing about for so long? Maybe you want to launch your own freelancing website, embark on a freelance career, or sell some stuff online.  Like you, I too had a dream. I wanted to work from the comforts of home while still earning as […]

Authenticity and Real Human Connection: The Most Essential Marketing Strategy Today According to Melissa Profeta

Every business needs a marketing strategy. Not all products sell themselves. You need to find an effective way to bridge your merchandise or services to your intended customers.  Arguably, we can go as far as saying: this is the most important activity of any business out there. After all, if you don’t have healthy sales […]

Rising from a Tragedy: Niel Reichl and His Journey to Freelancing Success

It’s hard to rise up from one failure to another. Not a lot of people have the courage to stand up and live another day. I mean, you can’t blame them. If you’ve lost everything, the financial and emotional burden can paralyze you from moving forward. And it’s totally normal. We got the chance to […]

5 Simple Techniques to Effectively Balance Your Side Hustle and Your Day Job

These days, keeping your job until the day you retire is no longer a guarantee. The fluctuating economy, steep competition, and burnout can be some of the factors that prevent you from staying in the same job until you retire. This is one of the reasons why some people have turned to freelancing for extra […]

Giving Back to the Community: Jennette Cajucom’s Goal to Equip the Filipinos For Remote Working

The Filipino freelancing wave isn’t slowing down soon. More and more Filipinos are looking for other options to reach their financial and lifestyle goes. And who can blame them? I mean traffic takes out most of your free time.  You are too tired to take care of your kids. You can’t really travel a lot. […]

10 Awesome Home-Based Jobs for Filipino Freelancers

Filipino work-at-homers have different reasons for wanting to work outside the traditional offices. Many of us want to be free from commuting to and from our workplace on a daily basis. Some of us want to escape the 9-hour fixed timekeeping schedule and prefer to perform tasks at our most efficient time of the day. […]

Pam Pormentilla, A Business Owner Who Started As A Freelancing Mom Is Now Helping Filipinos Achieve Their Dream Lifestyle Thru Remote Working

The Filipino remote working revolution is here. More and more Filipinos join the ranks in getting the best lifestyle they can. I mean, who doesn’t want the benefits of remote working? You don’t have to deal with the traffic. You can work in flexible locations and hours. And you can spend your time with the […]

10 Reasons Why Workers Switch to Freelancing

It’s not uncommon to get those puzzled looks whenever I tell people that I work from home (yeah, they ask, so I tell, then they give me those looks of wonder and doubt). I rarely drop the F-word (freelancer) because I’m quite sure I’ll get more than just the puzzled looks but also questions like […]

The Story of Billie Bautista’s Grit: A Life Saved with Freelancing

Life is definitely hard. To succeed, you need to overcome challenges playing with the cards dealt to you. And Billie Bautista’s story will inspire to strive harder to reach your goals. Despite his disability, he proved to be one heck of a fighter. Right now, he is one of the most influential freelancers in the […]

5 Ways Your Sideline Projects Can Help Grow Your Career

Working remote doesn’t really mean you should leave your current location-based full-time job. Maybe you just want to try an online side hustle for extra income or to get a feel of it. And even with the busy schedule, working on the side may prove to be a great idea for you. According to Gary Vaynerchuk, […]

8 Ways Freelancers Handle Their Sedentary Lifestyle

Working from home is definitely a blessing for most people. I mean, the location-independence, the time flexibility, and the freedom to choose. What more can you ask for? But then, it is not a perfect world. Working from home can be unhealthy. Sitting in front of your computer all day may create health problems, especially […]

11 Tips to Become 100% Productive While Working From Home

Working from home is amazing! You get to plot your own schedule and work the hours that you like. Plus, you get to choose your own clients and work on your freelancing career every day. The most obvious difference between working from home and at the office is you get to work in the comforts […]

5 Critical Skills You Need to Master in Order to Grow Your Freelancing Career

Are you determined enough to learn new knowledge and skills to build up your career? Engaging in training and continuous learning can unlock the key to progress.  In a recent study by LinkedIn, they have surveyed 11,000 people in nine countries across the Asia Pacific, showing the shifting landscape impacting different worker groups.  And they have […]

6 Problems You Might Encounter While Building a Freelancing Career and Traveling (And How to Overcome It)

Today, we are blessed with opportunities that allow us to work remotely. We just need our trusty laptops and Internet connection and we are good to go. It’s either you work-from-home for more time for your family. Or choose what I chose, work-from-anywhere as a Digital Nomad!     Traveling While Working, the Dream Life? […]

The Wanderlust of a Digital Nomad: The Rise of a New Workforce

Technology has revolutionized the things that we can’t once do. We can now travel not by horses but swiftly with automobiles and planes. We can even communicate instantly with our cell phones, not through postal service or messengers. But who would’ve thought that even working from anywhere in the world is now possible? Yes! If […]

10 Common Misconceptions People Have About Remote Work

  More than 43 percent of today’s workforce comprises remote workers. Some employees prefer this arrangement, as it’s most convenient. There’s no need to suffer through traffic, you can work from home or anywhere you want, including coffee shops and restaurants. Remote work offers much in terms of flexibility as you can work in the […]

7 Helpful Tricks to Build a Successful Freelancing Career

So you’ve finally decided to embark on that freelancing career. Right now, you’re probably worried about many things, like where do you find a client and will you be able to earn as much or even more than you previously did in your office job. You’ll find it challenging at first but eventually, you’ll find […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Work Remotely

Companies or individuals transition to a remote working setup for cost and time-efficiency. I mean, why spend 3 hours or more in traffic (PH Traffic!) when you can use it for something more productive? There’s so much you can do with the freed up time. But more than the economic benefits, you should think about […]

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