Interview Red Flags: 5 Signs You Don’t Want to Accept a Job or Project Offer for Your Freelancing Career

Interview Red Flags: 5 Signs You Don’t Want to Accept a Job or Project Offer for Your Freelancing Career

As a freelancer, we would love to get all the clients we can work with. The more clients we have, the more money we can earn for our family and our future dreams. It’s that simple. 

But most are not really fortunate to get the best clients on the first try. Some are clients from hell who will torture you until your last drop of blood. Of course, figuratively speaking. 

And speaking of hell, we have safeguards so that we won’t be entranced by their deals at first. During our interviews, we can already assess iffy signs that we will hate this job if we take it. 

For the clueless (like me!), you don’t have to be! Here are 5 interview red flags that signal why you won’t want to accept the offer for your freelancing career.



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You Are Treated Like Dirt During the Interview

Sometimes, the process of your interview might tell you all the information you need to know. For example, your interviewer is really late. And upon starting the conversation, s/he is not apologetic at all. 

To add insult to injury, s/he is just so rude to the point of belittling your time and worth. It might not be the best fit. If this can happen in the interview process, how much more when you finally work with them?

You don’t want a devil wears Prada meets real-world setup. You have all the reasons to back away.



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Vague Responsibilities 

You should know your exact responsibilities. But if you only get the details of the exact job as you progress through the stages of the interview, your second thoughts might be well-founded.

They might mislead applicants only to be surprised at what the responsibilities entail for them. You don’t want to be trapped in a contract where significantly more is entailed of you over the pay you are given.



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Asking For Proof of Salary From Your Last Job

Your salary is confidential to you. If the company your applying for is adamant about getting the payslip or proof of salary from your last job, it might be a red flag. 

Why do they need this before hiring you? Are they pegging your salary towards your rate back then? That’s not even relevant.

If it was a decent company, that information should not be necessary for the hiring process.



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High Turnover Rate

Some companies might blind you with high starting salaries. But the pay is not your only reason to accept a job or project. Think about it. Why are the people leaving the company that often?

It could be because of poor management or a toxic workplace. Ask your interviewer, “when was the position last held?” or “what problems did you encounter in growing your company?”

If they answer by making excuses and by bad-mouthing their past employees, it might be a telltale sign of their incompetence. Try looking somewhere else.


Working_remote_You Are Constantly Reminded that You Are Not the Best.

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Fashion Colombia

You Are Constantly Reminded that You Are Not the Best. And They Can Get Qualified Clients Somewhere Else

Someone is definitely better than us. There are budding talents that might be X times better than us in the future. We know this for a fact. But you don’t need to be belittled by someone just because it’s true. 

I mean if your prospective client tells you that there are so many qualified candidates over you and that you don’t matter. You can mentally raise your middle finger and find other clients elsewhere.

Remember, you have something unique to offer. You deserve to work with someone who treats you well and as an equal. Have you mentally raised your middle finger? Good.

Finding clients might be a hard task. But remember, you don’t need to serve everyone. As many as freelancers, there are multiple clients who are far better than this devil incarnates. So check these red flags out, and protect yourselves from these perils disguised as opportunities. Good luck!


8 Legitimate Freelancing Courses to Start Remote Working in the Philippines

8 Legitimate Freelancing Courses to Start Remote Working in the Philippines

You want to be a freelancer but you don’t have the skills yet? Or you’re trying to learn with free courses online but it doesn’t seem to get you anywhere (or land any client)?

Paying for freelancing courses might be the answer you’re looking for.

But then, why pay if there are free courses? That’s right. There are many free tutorials out there. One logical explanation to avail the courses is to fast track everything.

The best paid-courses have successful mentors that will help you every step of the way. They are knowledgeable about the in-demand skills and update in your target field. The courses are structured to hasten your learning curve to achieve results faster. Of course, given you put the proper effort.

If you’re thinking where to start, these are 8 legitimate freelancing courses to start remote working in the Philippines.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Jobs

A virtual assistant is someone who helps entrepreneurs with multiples tasks depending on their needs. They can manage your social media, do lead generation, design graphics, and so much more. It’s arguably the easiest way to enter the remote workforce.

These are some reputable companies that give out Virtual Assistant Training.


VA Blueprint Academy

VA Blueprint Academy

VA Blueprint Academy headed by coach Jhoel Qbral teaches the basics of virtual assistant jobs and how to get premium clients for it even if you have no experience. Just look at the testimonials from his students earning managerial income at home.

Not a guarantee though. You still have to put the effort to get the results.


VA Bootcamp

VA Bootcamp

With over 3000 students ranging from stay-at-home moms, OFWs, and those still working in the corporate, the VA Bootcamp provides detailed step-by-step modules to help you get your first VA job. Headed by Jason Dulay, the VA Bootcamp aims to provide a faster way to your goals with their structured program and mentorship.

They have a 75% hire-rate and 6-month money-back guarantee provided you completed all the steps. Sweet!


ONline Philippines

Specific Skills

ONline Philippines

If you’re near the Pampanga area, ONline Philippines might be your starting point for your freelancing career. They offer basic web and graphic design training free of charge (as of today).

If you want to hone your design skills, ONline Philippines is the company to approach.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Every business needs social media presence. Whether it be LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram, you can capitalize leads and eventual sales with proper social media strategies. Here are some companies you may want to enroll in.


Social Media Academy

Social Media Academy

Social Media Academy (SMA) is perfect for aspiring marketing rockstars to capitalize on social media. With over 1000 students and counting, SMA offers 24/7 Access and Support to learn at your own pace. They also have weekly Facebook live sessions for private student groups.



Facebook is the biggest social media platform as of date boasting more than 1 billion users online. If you’re targeting people using Facebook Ads, Julian Canita’s Awesome Course might be for you.

They offer up-to-date strategies and modules you can access at any time. And you have a chance to ask guidance in his monthly coaching calls. Sweet!



FHMoms University

FHMoms is a growing community that helps Filipino mothers earn while they are at home through remote working. The FHMoms university offers multiple courses such as Beginner courses, Accounting and Bookkeeping, Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, and so much more.

Hurry though because the slots run out fast.

Amazon Seller VA

Amazon Seller VA

If you want to learn the ropes for the lucrative Amazon E-commerce site, the Amazon Seller VA course is for you. It teaches you what you need to properly support Amazon entrepreneurs abroad. And who knows, you might become an Amazon Seller yourself.



The Freelance Movement

Ever wondered how you can nab your very own premium clients without a stellar portfolio and years of experience? Sounds impossible? But yes, you can!

John Pagulayan, the founder of the freelance movement, can attest to it. Showing multiple results from their students earning 6-digits, the first step is having the intention to give value to your prospective clients.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Enroll in their course and upgrade your freelancing career to new heights.



Everything can be learned in this day and age. You just need to find the right courses and the passion to pursue what you want. All it takes is the effort and intention to do so. And we hope this list helps you in your quest to become successful in remote working.


4 Client Management Tips to Truly Enjoy Your Vacation When You Are Freelancing

4 Client Management Tips to Truly Enjoy Your Vacation When You Are Freelancing

Freelancing is a double-edged sword. Yes, it allowed the time flexibility to work on your chosen schedule and the location independence to work from home (or anywhere for that matter). You just need a laptop and a stable Internet connection and you’re good to go!

But on the other hand, it’s time flexibility, not time freedom. 

Your skills are your product. Better yet, you are the product. When you have a thriving freelancing business, the time you have might be more limited than it was before.

Unlike our office-working counterparts, we can actually produce results without physically being in an office. But knowing that, most clients might demand output regardless of the schedule or where we are.

That includes vacations. With your clients’ awareness that you can actually work anywhere, how can you truly enjoy your vacations? Worry not. Here are 4 client management tips to enjoy your vacation when you are freelancing.



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Inform Them!

Contrary to your belief, not all clients are clients from hell. Some actually do understand that you are human. And you need an actual vacation.

But make sure to inform them at least a month in advance. And one week prior to your holiday, inform them again. Just in case they have forgotten it. By doing this, you are respecting their time and their needs as well.



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Manage Your Clients Expectations: Ask if They Have Something Urgent to Be Done 

A week before, you should also ask if they might have urgent things to be done before you go. And if it’s too rushed to handle now, tell them politely and agree on a completion date after your holiday.

You are managing their expectations. You want them to see that this holiday will not gravely affect your deadlines at work. Or at the very least, they may have the time to adjust for your absence.



Image Credit:
Tech Radar

Technology as a Compromise: Set Up Your Auto Responders and Voicemail

The worst feeling for a client is not getting a reply from their freelancers. But during your vacation, you don’t want them to bug you with emails and phone calls. 

Don’t keep them hanging. Let technology help you. Activate your voicemail on your mobile phone or office phone. 

For your autoresponders in your emails, you can also put the same message to inform them of your absence.  If you need help in setting up in your Gmail, check this video for a tutorial:

Record that you won’t be back until (state date) and you will get back to them when you return.


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What If There Were Emergencies??

But it’s inevitable to have emergencies. This especially true if you are managing a website or similar jobs. You are essential because the time the servers are down, the client loses money.

So in case, you can assign a trusted emergency contact and give the contact details to your clients. With this, you are sure that grave emergencies can be amended as soon as possible.

If you can’t set an emergency contact, you can set a higher rate for emergencies instead. With this, your client might think twice if the problem is really an emergency before calling you. And if ever they do, you will earn more money from it. You deserve your vacation, and you deserve more income from the time out of it.



Image Credit:

If You Want, Become a Digital Nomad

Our work made us location independent. Why not fully utilize it by being a Digital Nomad? Although this is not exactly a holiday, you kind of get a compromise. 

You can finish your work with your time flexibility and explore the country you want to. With this, you don’t have to forego any income from traveling. 

You still set your schedules. It’s business as usual for your clients. You have your time off in a nice beach after. If you don’t believe its possible, you can check out this guy who tried being a digital nomad:

Nifty, right? For whatever your vacation preferences are, I hope you find value in setting this safeguards when you are on vacation.

But if you are just exploring your remote working options, the Working Remote 2019 Conference (Sept 13 & 14) might be for you. It’s the largest remote working conference in the Philippines featuring high caliber speakers from here in abroad. It’s an avenue to upskill your craft to reach your new freelancing heights. Get your tickets here now!


10 Awesome Home-Based Jobs for Filipino Freelancers

10 Awesome Home-Based Jobs for Filipino Freelancers

Filipino work-at-homers have different reasons for wanting to work outside the traditional offices. Many of us want to be free from commuting to and from our workplace on a daily basis.

Some of us want to escape the 9-hour fixed timekeeping schedule and prefer to perform tasks at our most efficient time of the day.

In today’s digital era, more and more employers even outsource their complicated and simple tasks and processes with a work-at-home setup.

If you believe you are more productive and happier working at home, then you fit in the work-at-home world! Here’s a video about work from home opportunities in the Philippines:


Want to know more? Here are, 10 Awesome home-based jobs for Filipinos:


1. App Developer

Image Credit:

Investment base Camp

App Developer

Monthly salary range: Php15,000 – Php150,000/month

To conceptualize, design, develop, modify, debug and test software for mobile and desktop. A skilled home-based mobile app developer for an international company earns more than $1,000 a month.


2. Digital Marketing Strategist

Image Credit:

Digital Marketing Strategist

Monthly salary range: Php15,000 – Php60,000/month

This job requires more than 2-year experience in digital marketing with adept knowledge on SEO, social media management, and content marketing. A digital marketing specialist will develop, oversee, improve, and monitor the overall online marketing strategy of the company.


3. Web Content Writer_Editor

Image Credit:

Web Content Writer/Editor

Monthly salary range: Php15,000 – Php65,000/month

If you have great writing and proofreading skills, this job is good for you. You will earn good money working from home.

A web content writer writes informative articles for your client blogs with the purpose of inbound marketing. They entice users with tips and tricks regarding their craft for the purpose of converting them as clients in the future.

A Web Content Editor is tasked to proofread, as well as handle a team of content writers and formulate topics for the online content of the company.


4. Web Developer

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Web Developer

Monthly salary range: Php20,000 – Php160,000/month

Even for home-based beginners, web developers are in demand and are paid high because of their high-level technical skills. The expertise of a Web Developer can be classified as Front-End or Back-End.

Front-end is the client side while Back-end is the server side of the application.

A front-end developer connects design and technology. It’s basically the design you see when you visit the website. They use website design files and convert them into HTML, Javascript (JS) and/or CSS code. These are the core elements of front-end development.

A Back-end developer is a programmer who creates features that a user indirectly accesses through a front-end system or application. Examples are database management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) maintenance.

Nevertheless, the minimum required skills for this position are HTML, JavaScript, .NET, PHP SQL and other client-specific coding languages.


Web Designer

Monthly salary range: Php15,000 – Php169,000/month

One should have a keen eye for designing and an expert of two or more design software. Good understanding in UI/UX design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress will give you an edge for this position.


6. Video Producer_Editor

Image Credit:

Video Producer/Editor

Monthly salary range: Php10,000 – Php60,000/month

To create and edit images, videos and animations and syndicate across social media platforms, websites and others. Proficient in popular video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Final Cut.


7. SEO Manager_SEO Specialist

Image Credit:

SEO Manager/SEO Specialist

Monthly salary range: Php15,000 – Php60,000/month

SEO home-based jobs are gaining popularity these days as businesses are very much involved in digital marketing campaigns for leads generation and brand awareness. Proficiency in Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and Google AdWords is a must for this job because most of the digital marketing is centered on using these platforms.

Companies need an SEO Manager these days because they take care of inbound marketing, SEO content, and free advertising if they rank in Google. They also take care of SEO reporting for your company website. The SEO Manager must have a solid understanding of how search engines operate.


8. Social Media Marketing Specialist_Manager

Image Credit:

Social Media Marketing Specialist/Manager

Monthly salary range: Php15,000 – Php40,000/month

To manage and implement company social media campaign across all strategic platforms. English communication skills is a big plus for this position. This home-based job requires knowledge in social media management and email marketing tools.


9. PPC Specialist

Image Credit:

PPC Specialist

Monthly salary range: Php20,000 – Php60,000/month

Tasks of a PPC or Pay Per Click worker are classified as more technical in nature. PPC is an internet marketing model where advertisers pay for every click of their ads. This remote job manages all the online paid advertising accounts for the company. Major tasks involve analysis of the campaign performance and recommend strategic recommendations for action and improvement.


10. Graphic Artist_Designer

Image Credit:

Graphic Artist/Designer

Monthly salary range: Php10,000 – Php45,000/month

Expert in Adobe design applications like Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator and other graphic design software. A graphic designer can easily make money online either through per image payment or project-based agreement.

As a freelancer, working from home means you can eat healthier meals and spend more time with your family. Working from the comforts of your own home means less stress, no traffic and more time for yourself and your loved ones.

Once you found your own remote working style, you can allot more time for the things you love the most. Play sports. Write a book or a blog. Follow your advocacies. Or simply spend time with the people that matter the most.

At the end of the day, I find that awesome, right? Now, it’s time search for that remote working opportunity designed for you! 


10 Reasons Why Workers Switch to Freelancing

10 Reasons Why Workers Switch to Freelancing

It’s not uncommon to get those puzzled looks whenever I tell people that I work from home (yeah, they ask, so I tell, then they give me those looks of wonder and doubt). I rarely drop the F-word (freelancer) because I’m quite sure I’ll get more than just the puzzled looks but also questions like are you really working? How does that work? How do you get paid? And a lot more.

Though around and popular for a time now, freelancing still always seems like a new thing to some people. Many don’t understand quite understand how one (or how I) would choose to work from home over being in an office.

Freelancing comes with challenges, some of which are discussed in the video below, but I have really irresistible reasons why I choose to telecommute.


And now’s the chance to share the reasons behind my decision!

Flexjobs recently did a survey to know the top reasons why people choose to freelance. Apparently, my reasons are also the reasons of many other freelancers.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top reasons why workers choose to freelance.



Image Credit: Freepik

Work-Life Balance

On top of the list is having a healthier work-life balance. Seventy percent of the freelancers surveyed said that the desire to have a better rhythm between life and career made them decide to freelance.



Image Credit: Freepik

Ability to Work When They Want

Work schedule flexibility is also a big deciding factor for 62% of the freelancers surveyed. True enough, when you freelance, it’s easier to arrange your schedule as to when you will work and when you will play.



Image Credit:


Over 50% of the respondents say that they appreciate how freelancing has given them the freedom to choose what they will do with their time. Freelancers also have the freedom to make choices that will better suit their work and lifestyle, such as which projects to take or not, for instance.



Image Credit:

Ability to Work Where They Want

When you freelance, you are not geographically tied, since you don’t have to go to a physical office. You can choose to move and live somewhere else or travel the world while still keeping your job.



Image Credit: Pexels

Become Their Own Boss

Being your own boss means having the ability to manage your own workload. You can even choose what kind of work to do. And when you have too many projects to tackle, you can also opt to outsource some of your tasks.



Image Credit: Freepik

Ability to Choose Your Projects

When you freelance, you can always take only the projects that you are passionate about. You can also take multiple projects from different clients, so you’re not confined to just one source of income.



Image Credit: Freepik

More Time With Family

As a freelancer parent, I personally value this a lot. In Flexjobs’ survey, 45% of the respondents said that family concerns were their primary reason for freelancing. Especially for moms like me, it’s great to be around your kids and be with them as much as possible as they’re growing up.



Image Credit: Freepik

Goodbye, Commute Stress

Having a traditional job almost always means you’ll need to commute to and from work at least five times a week. Freelancing eliminates commuting costs, both in the form of time and money.



Image Credit: Freepik

Better Productivity

Many studies and research have already backed the idea that working from home increases people’s productivity, and freelancers have that luxury. Flexjobs’ survey found that 36% of the respondents loved how they have become more productive because of freelancing.



Image Credit: Shutterstock

Time Efficiency

Around 35% of Flexjobs’ respondents said that they prefer freelancing because they get to save time and enjoy more efficient days overall. To them, time efficiency means having more time with family, friends, and personal hobbies and interests.



How about you, are these also your reasons for freelancing or wanting to freelance? Get the conversation rolling by commenting below!


5 Ways Your Sideline Projects Can Help Grow Your Career

5 Ways Your Sideline Projects Can Help Grow Your Career

Working remote doesn’t really mean you should leave your current location-based full-time job. Maybe you just want to try an online side hustle for extra income or to get a feel of it. And even with the busy schedule, working on the side may prove to be a great idea for you. According to Gary Vaynerchuk, It may even change your life.


Here are 5 ways your sideline projects can help you grow in your career and life in general:


Working_Remote_Develop New Skills

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Develop New Skills

Working on a sideline project is one of the easiest ways to develop new skills or improve your existing skills set. Gaining experience from your side hustle can help you with your present career. You get to explore your skills and learn some new ones along the way, all of which you can apply on your full-time job.


Working_Remote_Promote Independence

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Promote Independence

Working on side projects can help promote your independence because you’ll be working on your own. You learn how to work independently and with less supervision as you have the freedom to be creative and work on passion projects that make you more self-sufficient.


Working_Remote_Build Your Confidence

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Build Your Confidence

Working on a sideline project can also build your confidence. You tend to rely on yourself and your capabilities, which is great because your self-confidence will be reflected in your career also. Your boss will surely notice your newfound confidence and assign new tasks to you or even promote you.


Working_Remote_Broaden Your Vision

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Broaden Your Vision

Sideline work doesn’t just improve your skills set but also opens new doors for you and helps you grow as an individual. You’re exposed to a lot of new ideas and as you expand your mind, you learn so much more than just mere technical skills but also valuable life skills.


Working_Remote_Meet New People

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Meet New People

You encounter new people when you work on sideline projects. Even though the interactions are limited – mostly virtual – you still meet interesting people who can influence you and even help you develop your work ethic.

Embarking on a freelance career doesn’t have to be the end of your career. In fact, freelancing may even complement your day job and help you grow as an employee. However, if you find yourself wishing to go freelancing full time, then there’s no problem there.

Finding clients in your freelancing career may not be easy at first but you will definitely meet the most interesting people along the way. Plus, you will learn a whole lot of new things as you expand your horizons in your side hustle.



If you’re happy with your career and just want to work on a side hustle for extra money, then you can always juggle both. Surely you will grow in your career as you work on that sideline project.

The benefits above are just some of the things you will acquire as you embark on a freelancing sideline. There’s more to improve on so go ahead and start that side hustle. You never know what you might encounter along the way.

5 Critical Skills You Need to Master in Order to Grow Your Freelancing Career

5 Critical Skills You Need to Master in Order to Grow Your Freelancing Career

Are you determined enough to learn new knowledge and skills to build up your career? Engaging in training and continuous learning can unlock the key to progress. 

In a recent study by LinkedIn, they have surveyed 11,000 people in nine countries across the Asia Pacific, showing the shifting landscape impacting different worker groups. 

And they have found out that employees of all ages can better prepare themselves by focusing on five key work skills. Here are the five skills you need to master to grow your freelancing career.




Continuous learning is essential for self-improvement. There’s always something new to learn every day.  You have to have the competence, which comes from upskilling. Freelancers can now access online courses and other training opportunities to be marketable in the fast-evolving freelancing world.  There’s also a range of online courses you can check out ­– one of them is actually launched by LinkedIn.

People who don’t upgrade their skills could fall behind and get outdated as newbies come out-competed by younger entrants.


workingremote_Building and Maintaining a Business Network

Building and Maintaining a Business Network

“It’s not what you know, but who you know that counts.” A famous adage applicable today more than ever. In fact, according to a LinkedIn survey, 85 percent believe that having the right connections is important for career progression. 

That’s why business networking is an essential skill for your freelancing career. But then, networking is sometimes very demanding and some freelancers are not the companionable type. Luckily, you can now do business networking without leaving your home. Check out this article to learn more.


workingremote_Be Visible in Your Industry

Be Visible in Your Industry

You might be hesitant to show the world yourself. But you have to be visible in your networks or even in social media. It is good to share your ideas about topics in your industry in this online cliques. In the long run, you might be regarded as a thought leader and be a go-to person for your industry.

With this, you can build your influence and further your freelancing career faster than you can imagine.


workingremote_Adapt to Changing the Changing Times

Adapt to Changing the Changing Times

It is not enough that you are open to any changes in the job disruption and any modifications in the job market. To move up in your career, you need to learn the ropes on current trends and where opportunities are being blown towards.

It is best to learn about recent developments in the fields of your competence and then the competencies that you need or want to improve. You can be relevant by staying current and seeking professional development. Adapt to change.


workingremote_Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

Working at home – doing work both professionally – and being a homemaker can be confusing sometimes. You won’t know if you’re just stretching yourself too much and maybe because you enjoy doing something.

Add to that is also to put into consideration your need of “me time.” It is already challenging to be a homemaker, and you double that with adding some professional work.

It is tempting to just go on and on because we don’t really feel burned out. It is important to remember that there is such a word as time-out. It is there for us to use and make the most of it, and it really depends on ourselves.

It takes not just the fortitude to maintain the balance but also the perseverance to make sure that it happens. Don’t wait for your body to demand it and demand it hard. Give yourself time to chill so your body can function better in your freelancing career.

If you don’t know where to start or you want to hone your craft better, working remote is here to guide you. Get your tickets now! 


5 Reasons Why You Should Work Remotely

5 Reasons Why You Should Work Remotely

Companies or individuals transition to a remote working setup for cost and time-efficiency. I mean, why spend 3 hours or more in traffic (PH Traffic!) when you can use it for something more productive? There’s so much you can do with the freed up time.

But more than the economic benefits, you should think about how it can affect your quality of life. Here are 5 reasons why you should work remotely.



Image Credit: Unsplash

Passion and Work-Life Balance

Remote working promotes the choice to have a healthy work-life balance. You just need a computer and a stable Internet connection. And your good to go!

If you have passion projects, you can now devote time for it. Make use of your hours for the things that matter the most.



Image Credit: Unsplash

Become a Better Parent

If you are a freelancing parent, you will have more time for your kids. With a traditional job, we are plagued with absentee parents all over the Philippines. It’s a continuous struggle in choosing between income for their future versus spending time with your family.

Now, you don’t have to choose. Nurture your children in their formative years by physically being there for them and while earning at home! It’s now possible with freelancing.


Working_Remote_Build a Business while Working

Image Credit: Unsplash

Build a Business while Working

Back then, it’s either you build a business or work for someone else. It’s hard to handle both effectively. You ultimately need to choose: the stability of a job or the future gains of a business?

With a remote working setup, you can have that stable flow of income while building your business side by side. The best of both worlds.


Working_Remote_Protect Yourself from Job Instabilit

Image Credit: Unsplash

Protect Yourself from Job Instability

Most people are afraid to do freelancing because it’s not stable. But I tell you, is the job market stable? Multiple companies (even those running for decades already) have retrenched or worse closed down because of the trying modern times.

Having just one source of income is riskier, isn’t it? By taking advantage of the gig economy, you have other sources of income which you can supplement your main sources with. In the future, it can even grow so big that you might consider dropping your job for more time for the things that give more value.



Image Credit: Unsplash

Travel the World as a Digital Nomad

Traveling the world is a dream for almost all people. But how can you travel when you are caged in an office. Nothing wrong with that. But with a freelancing setup, countless people have made the world their “office”.

Again, you just need your digital gears and an internet connection. Go on. Sip that Piña Colada in the beaches of Bali or traverse that Machu Picchu trail after your work hours. The world is now your oyster.  Become a Digital Nomad by freelancing.



The reasons above might be more than enough to take that plunge. But be wary.

Most “experts” will say that everyone can do it. But in reality, only those who have acquired marketable skills can prosper. The thing is, it’s a fast-paced world. The in-demand skills of today might be obsolete tomorrow.

Use Working Remote to upgrade your skills to start your journey or to stay more relevant in the freelance marketplace.


Bottom line:

You Now Have a Choice. You Just Need to Learn How.

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