Freelancing Woes: 4 Things to Consider Before You Quit Freelancing

Freelancing Woes: 4 Things to Consider Before You Quit Freelancing

In life, it’s not easy to climb up. We stumble and fall. We might even go all the way back down.  There are times when we might feel like throwing the towel to call it quits. And freelancing is not an exemption.

Freelancing is like having your own business. You have to continuously market to get clients. And you don’t get money if you don’t have any.  If you’ve been business, it’s not a walk in a park. Most sacrifice their blood, sweat, and tears just to make the venture successful.

Not all finish well. Some decide to quit because of the pressure or their financial condition. But before you quit freelancing all together, here are things to consider for you to stay just a while longer.



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It Would Take Time to Build a Client Base

Just like in any business, you have to market yourself like crazy to get a stable inflow of clients. You need to build your reputation as someone reliable with superior output to get referred across the board.

But this takes time. You need to pitch yourself to as many people as possible. And not everyone will work with you. Check your numbers. How many have you talked to?

If you just talked to five people, you can’t make a business out of that. You need to widen your horizons and pitch as many as possible. 

Yes, the rejection might put you down. But all who had succeeded went through this. You just need to pitch. Learn what you can do better. Adjust. And pitch again.



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You Will Find Premium Clients Who Pay Well

Even if your first experiences are from clients from hell, know that in this great vast world, there are premium clients from heaven who pay well. But to find them you need to widen your network and your skills.

Go on and try to build your network without leaving home. Or better yet, start being active in LinkedIn and create a stunning and effective profile.

You wouldn’t know how this might impact your career. The brand and influence you build on LinkedIn might spell thousands of dollars in the future.



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Your Income Fluctuates: Clients Come And Go

The difference between freelancing and a job is that the income is not fixed. Your income is directly proportional to the number of clients you have and what you charge for each one. 

You will lose clients. This is a fact. But the solution to this is budgeting the right way. Don’t forget to create an emergency fund for around six months or more for the worst-case scenario. 

Whether it’s too late or if you’re just starting to freelance, check out this guide to create a budget designed for the fluctuating income of freelancers.



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Be Patient! Your Hard Work Will Be Rewarded

After all of this, you might still be discouraged from your multiple defeats. I understand you. I mean if the money is stretched and you need to support your family, your worries are certainly legitimate.

If you can’t take off that fast, consider doing freelancing as a side hustle first. make sure though that you check if you won’t be fired while doing so. As you build your practice slowly, you will have a stable income for your living expenses.

Again, freelancing is a business. It takes time before it takes off. But you don’t need to sabotage yourself by quitting early on. It’s just part of the process. 

Manage your expectations. Build your work ethics and your network. I’m sure you will also be a success story one day. Good luck!

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