Interview Red Flags: 5 Signs You Don't Want to Accept a Job or Project Offer for Your Freelancing Career

Interview Red Flags: 5 Signs You Don’t Want to Accept a Job or Project Offer for Your Freelancing Career

Interview Red Flags: 5 Signs You Don’t Want to Accept a Job or Project Offer for Your Freelancing Career

As a freelancer, we would love to get all the clients we can work with. The more clients we have, the more money we can earn for our family and our future dreams. It’s that simple. 

But most are not really fortunate to get the best clients on the first try. Some are clients from hell who will torture you until your last drop of blood. Of course, figuratively speaking. 

And speaking of hell, we have safeguards so that we won’t be entranced by their deals at first. During our interviews, we can already assess iffy signs that we will hate this job if we take it. 

For the clueless (like me!), you don’t have to be! Here are 5 interview red flags that signal why you won’t want to accept the offer for your freelancing career.



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You Are Treated Like Dirt During the Interview

Sometimes, the process of your interview might tell you all the information you need to know. For example, your interviewer is really late. And upon starting the conversation, s/he is not apologetic at all. 

To add insult to injury, s/he is just so rude to the point of belittling your time and worth. It might not be the best fit. If this can happen in the interview process, how much more when you finally work with them?

You don’t want a devil wears Prada meets real-world setup. You have all the reasons to back away.



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Vague Responsibilities 

You should know your exact responsibilities. But if you only get the details of the exact job as you progress through the stages of the interview, your second thoughts might be well-founded.

They might mislead applicants only to be surprised at what the responsibilities entail for them. You don’t want to be trapped in a contract where significantly more is entailed of you over the pay you are given.



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Asking For Proof of Salary From Your Last Job

Your salary is confidential to you. If the company your applying for is adamant about getting the payslip or proof of salary from your last job, it might be a red flag. 

Why do they need this before hiring you? Are they pegging your salary towards your rate back then? That’s not even relevant.

If it was a decent company, that information should not be necessary for the hiring process.



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High Turnover Rate

Some companies might blind you with high starting salaries. But the pay is not your only reason to accept a job or project. Think about it. Why are the people leaving the company that often?

It could be because of poor management or a toxic workplace. Ask your interviewer, “when was the position last held?” or “what problems did you encounter in growing your company?”

If they answer by making excuses and by bad-mouthing their past employees, it might be a telltale sign of their incompetence. Try looking somewhere else.


Working_remote_You Are Constantly Reminded that You Are Not the Best.

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You Are Constantly Reminded that You Are Not the Best. And They Can Get Qualified Clients Somewhere Else

Someone is definitely better than us. There are budding talents that might be X times better than us in the future. We know this for a fact. But you don’t need to be belittled by someone just because it’s true. 

I mean if your prospective client tells you that there are so many qualified candidates over you and that you don’t matter. You can mentally raise your middle finger and find other clients elsewhere.

Remember, you have something unique to offer. You deserve to work with someone who treats you well and as an equal. Have you mentally raised your middle finger? Good.

Finding clients might be a hard task. But remember, you don’t need to serve everyone. As many as freelancers, there are multiple clients who are far better than this devil incarnates. So check these red flags out, and protect yourselves from these perils disguised as opportunities. Good luck!


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