Is Working Less Hours Better For You?

Is Working Less Hours Better For You?

When we want to achieve our dreams, we should put the work in. Squeeze in all the blood, sweat, and tears. You need to go full out! 

Have you ever heard this advice? Although hard work is essential in anything worth it, this saying led to tumultuous schedules. A 16-hour workday is a must! I must be the first person in the office and the last one out. Weekend Time-off is for the weak.

This was my life back then. And then it dawns on you, why do you feel so bad and so tired? The once motivated self just fell-off that burning cycle. You are already burnt out.


What the Data Tells 

Based on a study by Morten Hansen, this prolonged hours doesn’t even work anymore. In fact, in his book “Great at Work“, he showed results of a quantitative study of 5,000 people over 5-years. And working more hours does not equate to more productivity. More often than not, it even concludes to lesser output.

So if you are convincing your boss or you are deciding for you own a company, here is why working fewer hours is better for you.


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Working Longer Hours Does Not Equate Efficiency

Have you done this? You work for the day with multiple tasks but managed to finish it in the nick of time. But given a lighter load, you seem to also finish just on time. 2-Hour work for 8 hours! Why is that? It’s because every human tends to adhere to the Parkinson’s Law.

“Work expands to fill the time available for completion.”

We tend to stretch our time to finish everything regardless of workload. It’s just wasted time. 

Why not just decrease the working hours and take advantage of this human tendency? If you lessen the hours, the Parkinson’s law will take effect. We would have to finish it anyway. Less time, less overhead, more productivity.



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Many Mistakes Can Be Made With Prolonged Hours

But don’t bombard impossibly hard tasks with out of this world deadlines. You might just get subpar work.

The more hours the person is working, the more chances of them making mistakes in the latter parts. Especially in the creative industry, if you’re so tired, you might just get undesirable output. Your brain might not work as how you intended it to be.

Not only that, have you checked your attitude and emotions during stressful end hours? Is it pleasant? Blissful and ecstatic? Quite the opposite.

You don’t want to accidentally spoil a business deal or lash out toxicity in the workplace just because of your frustrations and tiredness. Better consider cutting down.


Higher Morale

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Higher Morale

Would you just want to work shorter if you get the chance? What would you do with the extra free time instead?

We spend most of our lives in the office. With the shorter working hours, you have more time with the people that matter the most. You can now have that night outs with friends or chill with your family over Netflix. Heck, you can start a new hobby, pursue your passion, or get that side hustle you’ve been wanting for so long.

Having this extra time (depending on how you use it) will indirectly affect your overall morale. When your elated, the feeling will trickle down to your day job and will result in better work output.



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Health Benefits

Finally, health benefits. We all know the effects of a toxic environment. It wears you down and burns you out. And it even has health repercussions like heart disease, depression, and cancer to name a few (out of the long list).

With shorter working hours, you now have more time to rest and sleep. More time to socialize to avoid loneliness. Basically, more time to heal yourself from all the stressors in your life.

Not all businesses can apply a shortened working schedule. But if you can implement, better consider it. Try a testing period and see the boost you have been looking for.


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