Managing Remote Teams: Why You Should Use Time Doctor to Increase Productivity 

Managing Remote Teams: Why You Should Use Time Doctor to Increase Productivity 

We all know the advantages of remote working. Lower costs. More access to global talent. Better work-life balance. It’s probably the best way to set up a business in this century.

It’s all about trusting your virtual staff to deliver the tasks given to them. But then, you don’t want to blindly trust your employees. Just like how Andreas Klinger said, there is a need to “systematize trust”. This means we must provide checks and balances for you and your employees.

That’s where time trackers come in. They provide a non-intrusive way to track what your remote staff is doing and how productive they are. Although, not every tracker is created equal. That’s why we are featuring arguably the best tracker as of date: Time Doctor!

And these are the reasons why you should use Time Doctor for your team.


Know Where Time Was Exactly Spent 

The greatest question of many managers: “is my employee doing work?” And although we should start trusting our virtual staff, it’s hard to not think about it. After all, we can’t personally see what they are doing while working remotely.

The great thing about Time Doctor is that they analyze how much time we spent on certain tasks and projects.  Watch this:


They have this algorithm also to know if the person is really working. And you can opt to track the websites and apps your employee is using the most. There is also a screenshot feature where you can get a snapshot of their desktop while working.

 If you don’t need these settings, you can turn it off.


Helps You Manage Your Time

But not everyone needs to be policed. No one wants to be micromanaged. So why use a time tracker?

Well, what you don’t measure, you don’t improve. Remember the breakdown of your used time? You can pinpoint inefficiencies so that you can improve in the future. 

Or if you have an urgent project, you can budget your time and adjust what needs to be done first. 

You will receive online and email reports to let you do just that.


Working Remote Offline Usage

Image Credit: Unsplash

Offline Usage 

Most of the time, remote workers are connected to the internet. But sometimes, it’s inevitable to work outside like client meetings. Or there are times where the internet is not as stable as it is (Hello Philippines!). What’s good about Time doctor is that you can still use it offline!

You can still track your productivity and later it would just upload the data when you get connected. How cool is that?


Integration with You Used Apps

The problem with adopting new software is that it might take sometime streamline in conjunction with what you are currently using.

What’s good about this is that Time Doctor can be integrated into multiple project management and accounting tools. It includes Slack, Google Apps, Trello, Quick Books and Asana to name a few.  

With this, you don’t have to worry about changing. Because, well, nothing would change that much. Check this link out for all the apps you can integrate Time Doctor with.


Working Remote Available for Almost All Devices

Image Credit: Pixabay

Available for Almost All Devices

Technology is fast advancing today. Right now, you can actually work using your cellphones and tablets with their sheer computing power. 

And Time Doctor is future proof. You can now use Time doctor not only in with desktops but also on different devices. It’s now available for iPhone and Android with the same tracking capabilities.


Working Remote Access for Your Clients

Image Credit: Unsplash

Access for Your Clients

It’s not only you that wants to know if your team is productive. Sometimes, your clients want to know what they are paying for. With Time Doctor, you can no give access to your clients for the projects that you are doing for them.


Client Billing and Payroll

Lastly, integrated with the program is the convenience of payroll. It has a built-in system to calculate payroll based on the hours tracked or fixed salaries you have contracted.  This is how it’s done: 


Likewise, you can also have client billings based on the data. Easy payment automation for your business down to the last minute!



Like the advantages? Well, I do. Luckily, Time doctor is very affordable. For just $9.99 per month, you get all the benefits! Now, you can focus on trusting your employees to do the things they have to do without doubting their effort. 

I mean, you can actually review their work. So, you just use your freed-up time to the things that matter the most. 

If you are still not sure, feel free to use their free trial for 14 days! You got nothing to lose! Cheers to being productive!


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