Pam Pormentilla, A Business Owner Who Started As A Freelancing Mom Is Now Helping Filipinos Achieve Their Dream Lifestyle Thru Remote Working

Pam Pormentilla, A Business Owner Who Started As A Freelancing Mom Is Now Helping Filipinos Achieve Their Dream Lifestyle Thru Remote Working

Pam Pormentilla, A Business Owner Who Started As A Freelancing Mom Is Now Helping Filipinos Achieve Their Dream Lifestyle Thru Remote Working

The Filipino remote working revolution is here. More and more Filipinos join the ranks in getting the best lifestyle they can. I mean, who doesn’t want the benefits of remote working?

You don’t have to deal with the traffic. You can work in flexible locations and hours. And you can spend your time with the people that matter the most: Your Family. This is what Pam Pormentilla advocates. As a single mom, Pam wants to help other mothers to find sources of income without going abroad. Pam is giving them the freedom of choice.


The Choice is Yours

No need to choose between a high-paying career versus being a hands-on mother, especially in their early years. With remote working, you can now do both!

She has continuously helped multiple people thru her company, Great Work Online! Allowing the option to work-from-home available for all.

Luckily, we got the privilege to interview her for the upcoming working remote summit. And this is how it went.



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The Start of the Freelancing Journey

Leandro: Pam, why did you start freelancing and what did you use to do before starting?

Pam: I started my freelancing career mainly to help with the family income and so not to be stagnant.

After graduating from college, I had a work related to advertising and one in sales. 4 years after graduation, I had 3 jobs. I got married and started raising a family.

 Shortly after that. I had my son. And then (when my son was 8 or 9 months old) I discovered I was pregnant again with my daughter.

There, I decided to be a stay at home mom. I was introduced to working from home in 2009. being a freelancer was the ideal job for me back then for having 2 young kids while being a single mom.


Starting a Freelancing Agency

Leandro: Nice! It really helps to be a remote worker especially if you have little kids to take care of. But then, how did you start your freelancing agency, Great Work Online?

Pam: When I became a single mom, some of my friends (and their friends as well) asked me: how I was able to survive to raise two kids with no financial help?

And then, the idea went to my mind. Why not build a business to help Filipino women to support their families financially while being present at home?

So when I was able to gather all the experience and knowledge I needed, I started my own business to help single moms as well so that they can have a career too.

I want them not to leave their kids behind and earn a living just like how I was blessed with.



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A Freelancer Mom’s Lifestyle

Leandro: Yes, I also believe in the businesses that give opportunities to other people so that they can live the lifestyle they want.

And speaking of lifestyle, we want to know your daily routine. How does your lifestyle look like?

Pam: My daily routine goes something like this. I would wake up at 6 AM latest at 7 AM when kids don’t have school and at 5:30 am when they do have. I start my day with:

  • A prayer to ask guidance and help to accomplish all of my to-do lists and overcome the day’s challenges
  • Coffee and read a book (usually about business)
  • Start work – some days with a meeting, some straight to my to do’s which go on till about midnight
  • End it with a reflection of the day, a prayer, and read a few chapters in the bible

There are some days that I would go out with my kids to the mall just to have a break from work. But, I can say there’s really no typical workday for me.

I live my day as it comes. There are days that I would be at my kid’s school attending their activity. Sometimes I will work from morning till night. There are times that I would work a little bit then do household chores. Sometimes, I would go out of town and meet my friends.

I guess when you are working from home and you are your own boss, there’s no such thing as a typical workday.

For me, a typical workday means routinary. You’re doing the same stuff every day. And I can say it is really different every day. But as different as it is, I make it a point that I get in touch with my team and I attend to our clients’ needs.


Greatest Accomplishment in Freelancing

Leandro: Well, a lot of people envy your lifestyle. It’s not all about the glitz and glamour. Sometimes, the ability to just be with your kids means the whole world, especially for Moms.

And you have accomplished a lot. What do you think is your greatest accomplishment in freelancing?

Pam: My greatest accomplishment so far is that I am able to provide for my kids on my own.

I know this might be a cliché but I reached a point in my life where I don’t have regrets. Only lessons learned. Everything that happened in my life was a stepping stone to success. And it lead me to where I am now.

But seeing the bigger picture, I want to help more Filipinos to have jobs so that they don’t have to leave their family behind to work away from home or go to another country.


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Advice to Those Wanting to Freelance

Leandro: Wow! That’s a noble aim. If we lift people up, we can experience a different kind of fulfillment. And many of our readers want to start as well. What are your tips for them to get the same lifestyle and results?

PamFind one specific thing that you are good at and master it. Then do it with passion and perseverance.

And more than that, you must find your why. Find your passion and purpose in life. Once you find these, don’t lose focus. Don’t lose momentum. Don’t give up no matter what because eventually, you will get to where you are destined to be.

Advice to those Freelancing Already

Leandro: Cheers to life and purpose! People are really excited to start their freelancing journey. What about for those who have started already, what advice can you give them?

Pam: Stay hungry. Never stop learning.

Always treat your client’s business as your business too. Show up no matter what – this is the only way to build trust and be successful in every area of your life.

And lastly, remember the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Treat other people the way you would like to be treated.



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That’s it from Ms. Pam! Did you learn a lot? That’s only a gist of the wisdom she can impart to you. Better rush to get your working remote tickets to learn more!


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