Rising from a Tragedy: Niel Reichl and His Journey to Freelancing Success

Rising from a Tragedy: Niel Reichl and His Journey to Freelancing Success

It’s hard to rise up from one failure to another. Not a lot of people have the courage to stand up and live another day. I mean, you can’t blame them. If you’ve lost everything, the financial and emotional burden can paralyze you from moving forward.

And it’s totally normal. We got the chance to interview one of our Working Remote speakers. Today, what we will celebrate is Niel Reichl’s rise to his life tragedies. Instead of just grieving forever, his story will inspire us to rise up to the challenge again and become a better version of ourselves.

Here is how it went:



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What to Do When Life Challenges You

Leandro:  Hi Niel! You have been running a successful business and freelancing career for a long time now. We are just curious, why did you start freelancing?

Niel: I started freelancing because I was fired from my job 3 weeks before my wife was to give birth to our first daughter. Now, the most logical reason would be to look for another job ASAP, right? 

But what happened was, we lost our daughter when my wife was giving birth to her. 

That was back in 2015. I was devastated and I couldn’t imagine how much more painful it was for my wife. I then decided that I would take this make money online seriously and started to look for ways to earn which led me to writing articles. 

But amidst this, I consider overcoming this challenge my greatest accomplishment.

I now share our story (my wife and me) with other people and have even started to privately coach people with the same goals. (Before you start messaging me, this is only for people who have started to get traction already and not for beginners) 

Seeing people that have been inspired to take action and overcome the analysis paralysis and again, really taking in the #pakitjustdoit mindset is one of my greatest professional accomplishments. 



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The Lifestyle of a Successful Freelancer

Leandro: Wow! You have been through a lot. I just can’t imagine what would I do if I were in your situation. It’s just a testament that tough times don’t last, but tough people do.

So right now, we want a glimpse of the life of a successful freelancer. How does your lifestyle look like? 

Niel: Well, I don’t do work on Wednesdays. That’s time for me and for my daughter. Saturdays and Sundays are for the family. I start my day with my 2-year-old daughter waking me up – no alarm. We have breakfast at 730 and then end breakfast by 9. 

I get to my office at 10 AM and then break for lunch at 12nn. 1 PM is back to work until 4 which is Mady and Daddy’s time – 4 PM to 6 PM and straight to dinner. I get back on my computer around 8 PM and then can go on until 10 PM. 

Most of my day revolves around connecting with new ideal clients, checking in with old clients, client work and coaching student and getting coaching myself. I choose when to work – I don’t have time doctor on me. What matters for me and for my clients are the results I deliver. 

I enjoy the work that I have right now doing things that really interest me (but I didn’t really like before or didn’t know that I liked doing before) 

I am writing this post right now with my little daughter right beside me sleeping and the wife is out doing her thing. And just right now, my wife sends me a message if my schedule is adjustable because there’s this fair at the WORLD TRADE CENTER. 🙂 



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The Age of Personal Marketing: Learning How to Utilize Chatbots 

Leandro: That lifestyle is definitely enviable. It’s not about the money you earn from your freelancing career. But the choices you can make because of the time flexibility you have from it.

And your area of expertise is Chatbot marketing, right? Why do you think marketers should incorporate Chatbots in their Marketing? And how do people start learning it?

Niel: Please use this information with caution. Messenger Bots can be super intimate in terms of communicating with your market because there’s the 1:1 feeling. You can easily find out what your market’s biggest and deepest desires are which is the goldmine when creating offers. 

But if you don’t do it right, Messenger Chatbots can also be very intrusive. 

If you want to learn, I have a course that I sold before for $997 for people who are interested in Chatbot Marketing. But I am giving it away for free. Link for the free course.

Leandro: Chatbot looks promising in the coming years, especially with how “personal” marketing is moving to be. Everyone should take advantage of that free course!

Advice for those Starting to Freelance and Freelancing Already

Leandro: Before we end though, I just want to ask. For those who want to start freelancing, what are your tips for them to get the same lifestyle and results?

Niel: I have a couple actually. And this is applicable to those freelancing already as well.



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Do Not Quit Your Job

Niel: I’d rather call it a lesson. A very expensive lesson. Back when I was in the corporate world, 2010, I told my wife that I wanted to start my own business. And in order for me to start that business, the only way was to quit. 

Remember the lines when people in the office talk about that person who just suddenly sent in his resignation? 

“Magbibusiness daw sya. Focus na muna daw sya don.”

I was THAT person. 

I quit my job, I started my own business. Poured in over 350K in capital plus got a partner too and 3 painful months later, I found out that the business partner only wanted me to go down faster and take over. 

There was no fallback. No job. Nothing. I became that desperate job applicant who would take in anything and start from scratch. 

Please, if you are reading this and still have a job and you are thinking of quitting to go all in a business like freelancing, don’t do it. Do it on the side unless you have tons of funding that can last you comfortably for at least 1 year. 



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Here are a couple more tips:

  • Have a clear realistic goal on what you want in the next 90 days. 
  • Be willing to do things that will help you sharpen your skills. 
  • Be clear on what benefits your clients will get from hiring you. 
  • Create an irresistible offer – an offer that even if they don’t have the money now will make them beg, borrow or sell stuff just to hire you. 



These are golden advice one should take note of. So there you have it! If you want more of Niel Reichl, better secure your tickets for the coming Working Remote Philippines 2019. Check out this link for more.


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