Billie Bautista

Motivational Speaker, Life Coach & Freelancer

From 2003 up to 2013, I have two jobs. A full-time call center agent and a part-time freelance graphic artist and video editor. I needed to earn extra income because I support myself. I have my immediate family but I don’t want to be a burden to them.

2013, I was blessed to pass and be part of MyOutdesk as a Virtual Professional. MyOutdesk provides a competitive compensation plan with Health card and leaves. This is the reason why I was able to leave the BPO industry. My task involves graphics and videos project for real estate agents which I can do remotely. From then on,  I started to work full-time from home.

2015, I started to venture into blogging. I want to inspire people. To touch their lives and give them hope. I want to remind them that there is a living God.  My aim is that by telling people of my struggles in life and how I overcame it, I would ignite and put a spark on their lives.

2017, with the exposure I got from blogging, I was blessed to be invited to several speaking engagements like Motivational talks with some Public Schools, Manila Boys Town, Run For Kinabukasan 2017 (a youth event by JCI held at Quezon City Memorial Circle).

I was also a guest in Mr. Chinkee Tan’s TV5 morning program Chink Positive as a representative of MyOutdesk to showcase how working from home has helped changed my life. I was also a speaker in Mr. Chinkee Tan’s event “How to be a  Virtual Professional”  an event held at Joy Nostalg Hotel & Suites Manila where I discussed the advantage of working from home and the big difference that will make in their lives.

I started to get invitations from different speaking events. I am one of the hosts of The Global Filipino Investor (TGFI) a huge event that they held at SMX Mall of Asia. Also, I’m one of the main speakers for FILO COOP held in Batangas City Convention Center. An event for Persons With Disability (PWD) to entice and motivate them not to lose hope and find work through online means.

In July 2017, I was hired by Virtualahan to be one of their coach where we educate students on how to jump-start their career as a Virtual Assistant. I handle two classes for them:

1st Class: How to Ace Your Job Interview
2nd Class: Client Management

In Virtualahan, we educate diverse type of students like Persons With Disability (PWD), Rape Victims, and those with incurable diseases (such as AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis B, etc.) that are often misunderstood by our community.

I am also a host and copywriter for their Virtualahan TV program. Virtualahan TV is Facebook live mini-series that talks about the lives of Persons With Disability (PWD) to educate the public and create positive awareness towards various medical conditions.

2018, I was a guest at 702 DZAS AM Radio Station as a blogger & motivational speaker who successfully shifted from the BPO industry and now enjoy the perks and ease of working from home.

2019 up to the present, I am a full-time Virtual Professional with MyOutdesk and enjoy the many benefits of working from home. My advocacy with Virtualahan is to reach out to those who wanted to work from home especially the PWD community. As for my side income, I also accept projects for graphics and videos. And lastly, sometimes when invited, I also do some speaking events.  

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