Carlo Silva

Founder of WeRemote Coworking Philippines

Carlo Silva is the founder of WeRemote, a Coworking space catered for startups, SME’s, agencies, freelancers, BPO’s and other digital service providers. 

With a passion for helping people solve their business problems. WeRemote provides solutions for both clients and service providers.

It’s a place to get things done. A place to their work on their passions. It’s a hub for top tier talents, startups, and businesses collaborate to create meaningful projects for the Philippines and the World.  The world-class facilities are just an add-on.

Before this, Carlo was the owner of 2nd Office, an outsourcing company that caters to eCommerce sellers. It aims to provide lower but quality labor and grew to support top 150 Amazon/eBay Sellers and top 500 internet retailers all over the world.

Find out more about the secret to creating a successful business and how to take advantage of collaborations in coworking spaces at the upcoming Working Remote Philippines 2019!

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