James Sundance

Founder of Outbounders


James Sundance is a founder of several companies who employ more than 300 remote workers and non-remote workers in the Philippines and across the world. One of which is outbounders.com who gives opportunities to local talents to be virtually employed by foreign companies.

And to top it all off, he is an author of 5 Best-selling personal development books. He is the creator of Coravida world, an ecovillage network that aims to make people healthier and happier. He even appeared on Oprah in conjunction with the Big Give.

James’ is an expert on mindfulness meditation. Working remotely does have numerous advantages. But even so, it’s easy to get lost in our busyness when the influx of clients and our personal responsibilities overwhelm us.

With this problem, the mind and the body need to be aligned to attain a healthier and happier life. Just watch his TED Talk about “How to Heal the World”:

Get more from his wisdom for your work-life balance in Working Remote Philippines!

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