Myke Celis

International Ted X Speaker

#BestMeEver a hashtag all of us thrives for. Myke Celis aims to help us be the best version of ourselves in his craft.

Aside from being a best-selling author for three titles, Myke Celis is an internationally certified life coach helping people towards self-actualization and personal breakthroughs.

He believes that we all have a choice in our lives. And despite having a dysfunctional family, experiencing a traumatic relationship, and a friend’s betrayal that led Myke almost bankrupt, he chose to stand up amidst his situation and realize the greatness he has within.

And the decision proved to be fruitful. Currently, he has 4 thriving businesses operating. He is a radio talk show host, the host of ABS-CBN Adober Studios Multimedia Life and Inspiration Division, and the current record holder for the most number of TEDx talks a Filipino has given (currently at 8). Inspiring millions of people from here and abroad.

Learn more from him in the upcoming Working Remote Philippines summit.

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