COVID19 Bills Payment: Companies Extending Payment Deadlines due to COVID19

(Last updated March 26, 2020, 2:30 PM) President Rodrigo Duterte declared an “enhanced community quarantine” in Luzon to respond to the growing COVID19 cases. Right now, businesses are closed with almost no public transportation options for the masses. With the shut down of businesses, income is also limited for most people. But our bills don’t […]

Hedonic Treadmill: How to Break the Endless Cycle of Unhappiness and Be Truly Happy

How are you?  Really. How are you truly feeling today? Are you happy? Sad? Or just neutral? More often than not, we are not 100% happy for today. Ever wondered why we couldn’t be happy all the time? For example, you might have experienced getting something like the latest phone today, and you were so […]

Freelancing Productivity: How to use the Focused Mode and Diffused Mode of Thinking to Get More Things Done

Our freelancing career can blossom if we can do more things in a given time. And the income jumps even more if we can solve bigger and harder problems for different clients. And the fact that it’s hard, it’s not something routinary that everyone can do. I mean. How can you think of many creative […]

Tips to Take Advantage of Deep Work for Your Freelancing Career

Freelancing can give the balance we want in our lifestyles. We have the freedom and time flexibility to juggle our passions, family time, and our careers. But we need to be disciplined enough to handle all the distractions we have with this freedom. And we can use “Deep Work” to our advantage.    What is […]

How to Limit Distractions to Be Productive in your Freelancing Career

The freelancing market has provided opportunities that can help us have work-life balance. You can now work from anywhere you want and have more time for the things that matter the most. It might be more time for your family, your passion projects, travels, and more! Name it — the options are endless. But the […]

How to Price Your Services as a Freelancer

As a freelancer, we can set our prices to what we want. It is a free market! The problem is, a free market doesn’t readily accept what you demand. You need to find someone who will pay you happily for the value you can give. For most aspiring freelancers, what is that value? What is […]

Pomodoro Technique: Your Tool to Get More Focused in a Distracted World

We are plagued with distraction. We know that we need to be productive to reach our dreams. But we keep on checking our phones for social media updates or that “casual browsing break” for online shopping.  How can we battle this distraction tug of war to improve our freelancing career?  One way to battle distraction […]

How to Create an Effective To-Do List for Your Freelance Career

We have to be productive to succeed in freelancing. Time is our most valuable resource, and if we can do more things in a given amount of time, we can achieve our goals faster. One way to do that is by creating an effective to-do list. Here is how to create one.   Limit to […]

How to Set SMART Goals for your Freelancing Career

As freelancers, our time is our most valuable asset. The more clients we can serve in a given time, the more we can earn our goals. But these goals are not so easy to get. There are times when we set goals but fail to get them. And it’s frustrating!  But worry not. If other […]

Novel Coronavirus: What We Know and What Should You Do to Protect Yourself 

After the shocking tremors from Taal, we are yet to find another threat to our wellbeing. This time, it’s silent but can be deadly if left unchecked. A new Coronavirus has been spreading from China and might start to become a pandemic across the world.   What is Coronavirus? A coronavirus is a type of […]

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