The Power of Working Remotely: How MK Bertulfo Became the Best Mom She Can Be While Building a Thriving Community of Filipino Homebased Moms

The Power of Working Remotely: How MK Bertulfo Became the Best Mom She Can Be While Building a Thriving Community of Filipino Homebased Moms

The Power of Working Remotely: How MK Bertulfo Became the Best Mom She Can Be While Building a Thriving Community of Filipino Homebased Moms

Career or Family? It’s the lifelong debacle of almost all parents striving for a better life. If you choose a better career, you will secure the future of your growing kids. But at the expense of nurturing them and being with them in their early years. 

With Manila traffic (2-3 hours commute per day MINIMUM) or finding high-paying jobs abroad, I highly doubt that everyone can manage both. If you choose to be a stay-at-home parent, how can you support your family well? 



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Career or Family?

What do you choose then? BOTH says MK Bertulfo, the founder of Filipino Homebased Moms (FHMoms). Gone are the days when you are constrained with the tyranny of the OR. With remote working, you can now be a stay-at-home parent while having a thriving career comparable to going abroad.

And it’s not surprising that the Filipino freelancers are now dubbed as OFW 2.0 or Online Filipino Workers. We have the privilege to interview MK, one of the speakers of the upcoming Working Remote Summit

Let’s find out how MK managed to build a thriving community of online freelancers while being the best mom she can be!


Starting as a Freelancer

Leandro: Hi MK! We are really lucky to have you here. Every one of our readers wants to know. How did you start your freelancing career?

MK: I am a BPO employee before starting. And the never-ending cycle tolled on me. The 8-hour daily grind plus the chaotic traffic in the metro. From queuing too long lines of public transportation plus the awful experience of heavy traffic when going home. Because of this, I was often absent in the important moments of my son and loved ones’ lives. 

Something has to change. It made me contemplate on transitioning to working from home. 

I came across, one of the biggest and known online home-based job portal. I tried creating a profile for the first time – after only a few hours, someone had already sent me an invite to work. 

Unable to contain my happiness, I gloriously shared my experience with my mom-friends whom eventually, I had helped landed online jobs too. Then I created the Facebook community and the response from Pinay moms is overwhelming.



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FB: MK Bertulfo

The Lifestyle of an FHMom

Leandro: Yes! Many moms resonate with your experience. How did your lifestyle change when you worked remotely? How does your typical day look like?

MK: It is a daily grind. People might think that it is easy because you’re at home, but it is not. You’ve got to manage your time to do your work, attend meetings, do household chores, take care of your child, and everything else that is happening in between. 

In my case since we’ve become bigger, I also have to attend other appointments and meet people outside my home.

Time management is an important factor coupled with ”diskarte” and flexibility. You have to do some planning on your head and figure out what to do with your day. You will figure it out as you go along with working at home. It’s different for everyone. You will eventually have your own strategy.



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FB: MK Bertulfo

Building a Thriving Community

Leandro: That lifestyle is so enviable. No need to choose your career over your family. You can now do both. 

And speaking of doing both, you have helped a lot of Filipino Moms to have the same lifestyle as you. We are curious, how did you get to build such a strong community?

MK: If you don’t know already, FHMoms is an all-in-one community where you get support from other members. The community and the courses we offer are tailored exclusively for Pinay Moms that fit your experiences and interest. 

It all started from word of mouth and referrals from members. It greatly helped us to grow tremendously. We even have apprenticeship programs after the courses. Also, we offer events to engage members and make them learn more, and we have employers who hire from our group. 



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FB: MK Bertulfo

Have a Bigger Vision

MK: Now that the vision is becoming bigger. We’re making everything aligned. The challenge is working the vision into reality. 

When we grew in numbers, we need programs, projects, funding, government compliance requirements, and much more to make things work out. 


Working_Remote_Attracting Partners for the Cause

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FB: MK Bertulfo

Attracting Partners for the Cause

MK: Luckily, we attracted partners and affiliations that helped us with more projects and events. We continue to collaborate with other organizations and communities to benchmark ideas and prosper our existing dynamics.

Reaching hundreds of thousands of people, we have touched lives. The impact of our community inspired more and more communities to help and go beyond what’s necessary. 

Now more institutions are recognizing us. We won the Community of the Year in 2018! And we continue to receive partnerships all over the Philippines.

Our secret to this growth is to make it personal. When you’re working close to your heart, it is a different commitment, perseverance, and dedication. And your members can feel it too.

It is a hell of a job, but we keep working on it. We will not stop until we have our vision seen. We are changing lives, one mom at a time.



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FB: MK Bertulfo

Advice for Aspiring and Veteran Freelancers

Leandro: I have no words for what I’ve just heard. I’m at awe at what you’ve built and the impact you are creating to every single Filipino Mom you get in touch with. A lot of people want to have the same time flexibility you experience.

To the freelancers out there, what is your advice for them?

MK: It is a lot of work. You have to have guts. Be committed. Go beyond your comfort zone. Try other things and continue to learn. Grow and be the best of yourself. If you work hard enough with the proper skills, you will prosper.



There you have it! That is just a gist of what MK is about to offer. If you want more, better book your tickets now for the upcoming Working Remote 2019 happening this Sept 13 and 14. We have invited high caliber speakers from here and abroad just to share their expertise in Working Remotely.

Hurry! Tickets are running out fast! Reserve your slots today!


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