The Wanderlust of a Digital Nomad: The Rise of a New Workforce

The Wanderlust of a Digital Nomad: The Rise of a New Workforce

Technology has revolutionized the things that we can’t once do. We can now travel not by horses but swiftly with automobiles and planes. We can even communicate instantly with our cell phones, not through postal service or messengers.

But who would’ve thought that even working from anywhere in the world is now possible? Yes! If you uttered this ridiculous sentence in the past, your grandfather might suggest a psychiatric evaluation. It simply cannot be done.

It’s a different era. The rise of the digital nomads. If you don’t know already, these are people who choose to travel while working.

These are individuals with insatiable wanderlust who earn their living with just a laptop and a reliable Internet connection. If you think this is a rare occurrence for the chosen few. Think again.


Working_Remote_Living the Nomadic Life is Possible

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Living the Nomadic Life is Possible

As I’m writing this piece, I’m currently waiting for my plane to El Nido, Palawan. I’ll be spending roughly 2 weeks marveling at its turquoise waters and breathtaking beaches. And I didn’t even have to forego my job while doing it or ask for vacation leave for that matter.

I’m not born under a rich family in any way. But what allowed me to do this is my clamor for location independent income sources.

One of which is content writing. If you can find a bankable skill that can be rendered online, you are on your way to becoming a Digital Nomad. It can be graphic designing, programming, or vlogging. There are even remote working engineers hired by NASA as of today. The possibilities are endless as long as you provide services you are an expert at.

Try checking these 5 considerations when choosing your next side hustle.


Working_Remote_It's a Decent Career

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It’s a Decent Career

Back then, freelancers are regarded as jobless hobos or people in-between jobs who just need extra money to get by. Now, becoming a digital nomad can be a lucrative source of income.

With just a few searches, there are countless six-figure success stories for digital nomads. It is now regarded as a real career. You don’t have to be ashamed when you aspire to be one.

In fact, we should be proud of this seemingly impossible thing we are about to achieve. Even if you don’t reach multi-millionaire status that fast, at least you are spending your time doing what you love while earning.


Working_Remote_Win-win for Businesses

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Win-win for Businesses

Some companies who are based in expensive cities like San Francisco or London relocate or outsource their whole team remotely. For one, the overhead in Bali or any other Southeast Asian country is cheaper than their hometown.

And there are even studies that remote workers are more productive than their office counterparts. The major reason is the autonomy on their schedule and where they want to render it.

Bottom line, if the employees are happy, the output would be commensurate. Low cost and more productivity. As a business owner, what more can you ask for?

Working_Remote_It is Not Exclusive for Foreigners!

It is Not Exclusive for 1st World Foreigners!

You might think, this borderline dreamy way of living is just for the 1st world citizens. This is wrong. People from all over the world have an equal chance to achieve this nomadic lifestyle.

In fact, the Philippines is poised to be one of the largest freelancing hubs in the world. The Filipinos are very in demand because of our educational attainment and English prowess.

Some Filipinos even made it really big like and to name a few.

The point is we are ready to take over. But do you have the courage to jump in? Join the growing Filipino Digital Nomad community! See you!

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