Working Remote 2019: Helping Filipinos Achieve their Dream Lifestyle in the Biggest Remote Working Conference in the Philippines

Working Remote 2019: Helping Filipinos Achieve their Dream Lifestyle in the Biggest Remote Working Conference in the Philippines

Working Remote 2019: Helping Filipinos Achieve their Dream Lifestyle in the Biggest Remote Working Conference in the Philippines

The era of remote work is here. People all over the world are starting to harness the power of the Internet to make a living. And this is not an exclusive opportunity, especially for Filipinos. 

In fact, Filipinos are ranked fourth among the number of freelancers on

And it’s expected to grow further in the coming months. With the worsening traffic and the clamor for time for family and passion, 9 out of 10 Filipinos want a work from home job. 

The problem is, how do you start?

That’s the aim of Working Remote 2019: the largest remote working conference in the Philippines. We want Filipinos to achieve their dream lifestyle with remote working.

With the successful event last Sept 13 and 14, the attendees are certainly ready to take action to get the desired lifestyle they want. It’s too bad for those who can’t join though. The energy is way different when you are there in person. 

But we want you to benefit from this powerful event as well. Here is a summary from Working Remote 2019!


Remote Working Opportunities Recognized by the Government

The event started with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) director Emmy Lou Versoza-Delfin showing the possibilities of remote working. The government recognizes the wonders that they are helping numerous Filipinos outside Manila through the digitaljobs.PH initiative.

We are proud to say we are the 6th fastest growing country in terms of remote work.


Believing in Yourself

The opportunity is present. What’s left now is believing that you can make the difference. Believing that you can take advantage of this opportunity.

Working Remote Myke Celis

International TEDx Speaker and Life Coach Myke Celis showed us how we can become our #BestMeEver by operating not through fear but through one’s passion.

Working Remote Mike Grogan

And the possibilities are endless for the Philippines. In fact, Lean Kaizen Consultant & Leadership Trainer Mike Grogan passionately believes in the First-class Filipino. The Rise of Pinoy as his book conveys. A Filipino at heart, he conveyed to us to let go of our hypocrisy and limiting beliefs. And with the process of Kaizen, an improvement as small as 1% can accumulate to big results.  


Freelancing is the Great Equalizer 

Working Remote Gina Romero

Gina Romero, the CEO and Cofounder of Connected Women, communicated the potential impact of remote work for the Filipinos. She is the daughter of an OFW. That’s why she knows the pain of Filipinos leaving the country to find greener pastures. Because opportunities in the Philippines are not accessible to all, more so for women.

With remote work, it’s leveling the playing field. Freelancing is a great equalizer as more and more women and persons with disability achieve great results through remote working.

Working Remote Billie Bautista

And Billie Bautista can attest to that great results. Even if he was born with a disability, he thrived to make freelancing work for him. He was faced with numerous discriminations because of his condition. But now he is now a life coach and motivational speaker and a successful freelancer in the field of video and graphics.

Working Remote Leodivine Quizon

Because nothing can stop us from getting our dream life, even cancer. Leodivine Quizon is the living example of someone who thrived amidst this great challenge. She was a workaholic back then who just wants to earn money at the expense of her health.

It was an eye-opening experience. She found her true friends. And after conquering cancer, freelancing paved the way to start over again. With freelancing, she was not too stressed like before but had even bigger opportunities. Right now, she helps people to do the same.

After all, if they can do it, you can do it too.


Choose the Lifestyle You’ve Always Wanted

Working Remote Jennette Cajucom

But there is a trap in the freelancing world. Once you get started, the “Money Mindset” might consume you. Jennette Cajucom, a digital marketing consultant and the current editor for Marketing in Asia Philippines, gave a glimpse of her mistakes back then.

She was so consumed with working for money. Imagine 120-130 hours per week! No more time for anything else except work. If this was the lifestyle promised, would you want it? I highly doubt.

By having a paradigm shift to value mindset, she got more time and more projects at that! This allowed her more options for the best lifestyle.


Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Working Remote Kari Javier

The same way with Karissa Javier, the founder of the 3rd World Nomad, Virtual Assistant Network Asia (VANA) and 

If you dream of traveling the world with your family, she is living the lifestyle you wanted. With over 20 countries visited and counting, she manages all her endeavors while visiting the best places in the world.

Her tips on hustling changing your self-talk and building your finances properly are foundational for every digital nomad-to-be.


Spend the Best Years of Your Life with Your Family

Working Remote MK Bertulfo

On the other hand, you may not want a life full of travel. You may just want to spend the best years of your life with your kids. MK Bertulfo is the Filipina Homebased Mom (FHMom) you can look up to. She is the founder of FHMoms, a group of 70,000+ and counting strong mothers helping each other in their freelancing careers.

MK showed us how to reach success with remote working.

It’s all starts with prioritizing and valuing your time to reach your goals. You need to take action and never stop learning. Ultimately, you reach success because tough times don’t last but tough people do.


Tools for Productivity

Now that you believe in yourself and you know what lifestyle you want; you need the right tools of productivity for your freelancing career. First in line of course is our Internet. The Internet is the lifeblood of our practice.

Working Remote Sandra Tubale

Sandra Zira Tubale-Dingal, the Segment Marketing Manager of Converge, explained how to find the best Internet provider.


Working Remote Converge Prize

And even gave a brand new laptop and router for two lucky winners! Talk about value!


Planning Your Day Right 

Working Remote Jason Dulay

Next is how you plan your life. And Jason Dulay, the founder of FB Group: Freelancers in the Philippines (with over 100k members) and VA Bootcamp (with over 3000 enrolled students), taught us how to prioritize our tasks and get more done in less time.

He differentiated busywork (work that doesn’t give much value) from immersive work (work that requires complex thinking and gives the most value). By sparing at 10 minutes a day, we can plan our workday to eventually reach our own goals and our client’s goals.


Getting Yourself Out There 

Working Remote Kris Reid

Kris Reid, the founder of Ardor SEO, expressed why revenue cures all problems. And SEO might be a tool to get you to start your journey. You should not be afraid of selling yourself because you are a solution to your clients. You just have to find them.


LinkedIn Marketing

Working Remote Virginia Bautista

And where do you find your clients? Try looking into LinkedIn. Virginia Bautista, the founder of VB consulting and one of the top LinkedIn evangelists in Asia, coached us on how to attract top clients on LinkedIn. After all, 45% of the readers of LinkedIn content are at the top management.

By honing your personal branding on LinkedIn, you will be found. You will be remembered. You will be recognized! And hopefully, you can get that dream client you’ve always looked for.


Working Remote Carlo Silva

Another tool you can use is coworking spaces. Carlo Silva, the founder of WeRemote, one of the best coworking spaces in Manila, talked about the advantages of using coworking spaces to be more productive, battle isolation, and build relevant connections with other like-minded people.


Working Remote Cindy Burdette

And one of his clients, CEO, and founder of Allcare, Cindy Burdette talked about protecting your health with thoughtful wellness. By having holistic health, balance, self-Accountability, and proactivity, we can live a healthy worry-free freelancing lifestyle.


Digital Marketing: Bringing Value to Your Clients

Working Remote AJ Dimarucot

Working Remote invited the superstars of digital marketing in the Philippines. First is the famed AJ Dimarucot, a graphic designer and creative entrepreneur, shared with us how he became an OFW (Online Filipino Worker) by following his passion in design and being a professional at what he does.

He conveyed how putting out his passion projects led him to work for top brands like Nike and Adidas. And with continuous learning, he continues to become successful in his field.


Working Remote Julian Canita

And speaking of putting your work out there, Julian Cañita, the country’s leading Facebook Ads strategist, taught us how to properly harvest quality leads using Facebook Ads.

He reiterated the essential elements of a high converting ad which are: Offer, Copy, Creatives, Ad Scent, and Targeting. Mastering this skill will lead to hitting your client’s goals in no time.


Working Remote Niel Reichl

Another emerging way to market is by using Messenger Bots. Niel Reichl, the founder of BottBott, a facebook messenger marketing agency, educated us about the unfair advantage of omnipresence in Social Media by using messenger bots.

It’s an added capability. But it will go miles because clients want interaction and you can give it to them any time of the day.


Working Remote Nix Eniego

Alongside this, Nix Eniego taught us how to properly advertise yourself. And ironically, it’s not by actually advertising your credentials, but it’s by providing value to your future client-to-be.

One example is giving free social media audit for their brand. It only takes roughly 10 minutes to do, but the clients appreciate the gesture. Therefore, who will they hire when they need someone for social media? Chances are, it’s you!


Working Remote John Pagulayan

Because as said by John “The Legend” Pagulayan, the founder of the Freelance Movement Tribe, you don’t need a stellar resume to land premium clients. You need to show them value. Because the bottom line is, your clients don’t care about your credentials. What they do care about is the value you contribute to their business.


The Client’s Perspective

Working Remote did not only invite top freelancers. Agencies and business owners employing Filipino remote workers are also present in the event. This is a good move because we are getting tips from the people who want to hire us in the first place.

Working Remote Chris Jankulovski

The CEO of Remote Staff, Chris Jankulovski graced the event with practical tips to have a lasting relationship with your client. Things like communicating what’s really on your mind and asking questions if you don’t understand the directive are key learnings, especially for the non-confrontational Filipino.


Working Remote Pam Pormentilla

Pam and David Pormentilla, the founder of Great Work Online, further added to that by fixing our mindset. Pam thinks like she is the business owner. “If it was my business, what are the things I need? What are the things I should do?” That’s her mantra that landed her loyal clients. And eventually her own business as well.


Working Remote Greg Gibbas

To add, Greg Gibas, the CEO of Gibas Associates, conveyed how we can all work with Western clients. Things, like having no excuses and avoiding to be a passive employee, stand out during his talk.


Working Remote Alice

Another aspect James Sundance, the founder of, stressed in employer-employee relationships are Care, Confidence, and Open Communication. His representative, the CEO of, Alice Grace Ledesma – Bautista, further explained what is vital to foster it well.

The employee should first care about the project she is working on. The next thing is the proper blend of confidence and open communication to sustain the growth of your success.



And with the turnout of the event, we wish more and more Filipinos can take advantage of Remote Working! Cheers!


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